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Reef Damage - Update
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: taz hamrick (
Date:   01-26-09 07:37

Well, they were back on Saturday 24 January..Sea Dream 1 and instead of anchoring where their 'concession' says to anchor they were...yep you guessed it right back on Culebrita! I dove under the ship and witnessed a scene of carnage I hope never to see again. The anchor (thankfully) was not on the reef, but the anchor chain was grinding away, chewing big holes in whatever coral heads were in the way..What's it going to take folks? Officer Costello from FWS went out to the ship. However, since they were in preparation to leave anyway.....Maybe its time some of us here 'get ignorant' with these cruise ship folks, cause it appears they just aint listening...When they were ferrying their passengers back to the ship from the beach I was telling the passengers the ship was killing the reef. Their response, was a "Really?"...You can see how 'concerned' they would be..I would welcome any ideas, cause folks, they are not going to stop until something is done...

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