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Getting to Culebrita - Costs?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Ellen (216.142.5.---)
Date:   01-21-09 17:34

My boyfriend and I will be visiting Culebra at the end of February and are trying to nail down our budget. We'll be there for 4 full days and we want to spend one of those days on Culebrita. I've read that you can either kayak there, or take a water taxi. I'm wondering about the costs of both, and who to rent from/get a the taxi from.

And, is it a bad idea to kayak there if we're not super experienced kayakers? I've been on the water a lot in my life and have spent a good amount of time in canoes, so I'm not nervous in them, but wouldn't want to kayak if it was very far or if anyone advised against it.

Also, are there fewer people on Culebrita's beaches? Would we perhaps be able to find a little spot where we're all alone? I just love that idea.

We are SO looking forward to our visit! We just decided yesterday, after much fantasizing, that we have the finances to do it. And, I believe we're going to stay a Villa Fulladosa, after reading many good reviews...

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