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Re: Snorkel by boat
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Culebra MJ (
Date:   10-25-08 17:30

I loved snorkling in the baths at Culebrita. It felt like being in a natural aquarium...well, it IS a natural aquarium. Saw squid, all sorts of fish, those funky crabs...and the atmosphere of the surroundings made it unusual. Just a different experience from some of the other fantastic snorkling you can find around here.

Just a note. If anyone wants to enjoy Culebra quiet and can find good tickets, this is an awesome time to be here. There are very, VERY few people around. Yes, dining choices are limited, the roads are a mess, and election stuff is going on complete with town crier trucks, but overall, if you want peace and quiet and a beach or five with no one or maybe a couple of people at the most, this is the time. The few people that are here and that I've talked to have been thrilled with a) the weather and b) the lack of many tourists.

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