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Don't Go To Culebra!
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tammy (
Date:   10-10-08 20:45

Many years ago when we were researching a trip to the out-islands of the Bahamas, I came across a forum with a post that said "Abaco is not for sissies" and listed exactly why "sissies" wouldn't like the Abacos. After reading the post from the disappointed couple, I thought it might be appropriate to have a similar post about Culebra.

I've only just returned from my first visit there, so those with more experience please join in or correct me if I'm wrong...

- If you like resorts and pampering, don't go to Culebra.

- If you want perfectly manicured Disneyfied streets lined with perfect- looking little shops, don't go to Culebra.

- If a hen walking down the street next to you bothers you, don't go to Culebra.

- If you get irritated if a business isn't open during it's posted hours, don't go to Culebra.

- If you just have to have certain foods or don't like the idea of eating whatever the store happens to have in stock, don't go to Culebra.

- If a rooster jumping out of a bush at you upsets you rather than making you laugh, don't go to Culebra.

- If you like things to happen on a schedule, don't go to Culebra.

- If you get upset at having to wait for dinner, or after dinner waiting some more for the bill, don't go to Culebra.

- If you'd never consider buying a lobster out of a bucket from a man by the gas station, don't go to Culebra.

- If you can't stand the thought of wearing mosquito repellent, don't go to Culebra.

- If you've been to Mexico and didn't like it because the streets needed repaved and the buildings repaired, don't go to Culebra.

- If you want to go shopping or nightclubbing, don't go to Culebra.

- If shopping in a small, independent market scares you, don't go to Culebra.

- If going to a beach and not seeing a single other person there "creeps you out," don't go to Culebra.

- If not having hot water or the electricity going out would ruin your day, don't go to Culebra.

- If you expect people to stop what they're doing and cater to your needs, don't go to Culebra.

BUT, if you can see the charm in a small island that doesn't fall in step with the rest of the world and can understand the desire to travel somewhere that there's not a resort or spa anywhere to be seen, and you can find charm in potholes, crooked sidewalks and never knowing when the grocery store might be open, you might actually like Culebra.

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