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Re: Another lodging recommendation post...PLEASE HELP :)
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Tammy (
Date:   10-10-08 18:40

I can't tell you about the others, but we just got back from our first trip to Culebra and stayed at Casa Ensenada in the Estudio unit.
There's no pool, of course, but we did lots of swimming and snorkeling at Melones where the water was really calm.

There is a private villa vacation rental that has a small lap pool and is reasonably priced, but I can't remember the name of it now. I think it's listed in the "Shelter" section of this site.

At Casa Ensenada we weren't able to pick up the wifi inside the unit, and neither could the couple in the Pequeno unit, but we could get it outside on the back patio. It was a small bummer, but not too bad since it was much prettier to sit outside anyway (just be sure to use some mosquito spray). I don't know if you can pick it up inside the Grande unit, but I suspect that you can.

We really enjoyed staying at Casa Ensenada. The dock was a big draw for us. Sitting out there at night under the stars is magical. :) The kitchen in the Estudio unit, even though it was small, was perfect for two people on vacation and was stocked with everything we needed. We cooked breakfast every morning and one night cooked a lobster dinner with no difficulty.

Casa Ensenada also provides beach towels, an ice chest, free use of a kayak and beach toys. We never did get around to using the kayak like we planned, but we did take advantage of the other items provided and it was nice to have them there.

I didn't see the other units, but it is a little bit older, could use a few renovations like new flooring and a new tub, but it is a clean and comfortable place to stay. The AC worked really well and we didn't have any problems with having hot water like I read about at some other places.

I also liked that it was within walking distance of everything in town, especially once we realized that it could be hard to find parking sometimes, especially if the ferry is coming in.

We will probably stay there again when we go back to Culebra (we just got home and are already planning our next trip). If you are looking for something fancy, you probably would be disappointed with Casa Ensenada (and probably with Culebra, since fancy is not what it's about), but if you're like us and want an affordable place to stay that is clean and comfortable and has a few extras like WiFi, AC and use of a kayak, then Casa Ensenada is a great place.

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