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Getting to the Island-Holy Week
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: anne (
Date:   04-03-04 11:06

We have been to the island three times. The last time was four years ago. We have always been off season and had it to ourselves. Now I have made non refundable air tickets from the states and hotel reservations to arrive this coming week and have learned that the island
will be a whole different place. Oh, well we will make the most of it...The question is how do we get out there? We have always enjoyed taking the ferry but I am hearing horror stories about having to stand in line starting at 5am for the 9:00 boat. We are spending Wednesday night at a hotel in Fajardo. We are a party of 5. None of the airlines have space that day. Does anyone have any thoughts on how early one needs to be in line for the ferry to be safe? Will the 1:00pm boat be less crowded? Are there any captains who we could hire to take us over? Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Re: Getting to the Island-Holy Week
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JM RENTALS, INC. (66.50.189.---)
Date:   04-04-04 14:46

Hello Anne,

The stories you are hearing are true. The next week and weekend are going to be very crowded here in the Island. If I was you I should make reservations, round-trip, by airlines. Either from Isla Grande, San Juan, or from Fajardo.


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