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Re: Ciguatera?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   09-29-08 20:28

Hola! We consume as much seafood as possible when visiting the island. it is the greatest. We usually go right to the source, friends who are fishermen or their friends who have brought in the catch of the day. There's nothing like eating what has been caught that morning, unless you catch it yourself. You can basically eat anything, crabs, oysters, lobsters, fish and not get sick. My Mom usually goes with us to make our purchases and she is really picky (she has lived most of her life near the fishing community in Cabo Rojo, so she knows her seafood). We have never gotten sick, no indigestion, food poisoning, never ciguatera. You need to know if the seafood from the restaurant is fresh, just ask the locals if they know if the food is good. If the restaurant has many patrons, the seafood should be fresh, no time for that fish to hang around the fridge very long. If you go where the fishermen dock, Associacion de Pescadores Culebra...............742-0144, buy what was caught that day: no fish smell, clear eyes, no oversize fish. My Mom's advice is that fish that are too big most likely will have ciguatera. Nice fish are red snapper: chillo, grouper: mero, mahi mahi :dorado, shark : tiburon. Also try conch: carrucho and octopus: pulpo.
Great info Debbie! Happy travels! J


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