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Christmas on Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Chris AK (
Date:   09-22-08 02:09

Well, after spending a fortune in air fair(for a college student) My wife an I are going to be in Culebra for Christmas! We also talked our friends into coming too... We had a couple of questions.

Does the ferry run on Dec 24th?

Also,I was on Culebra in March of this year, and we went to a grocery store by a bakery?? I was hoping that store was going to be open. Does anyone know if it will be open?

I was planning on hitting Walmart in Fajardo on the way, they should have colmen propane stove fuel... If it is available on Culebra I would be happy to buy it there, if not can I take it on the ferry?

We are going to be Camping the whole time and I dont want to count on the resturants being open... We are hoping to have a "fancy dinner" on christmas day, what will be open?

Any help would be greatly appreciated....
Cant wait to see the warm beach instead of cold mountains!

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