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Snorkel by boat
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Angelina (
Date:   09-13-08 23:11

Hello folks
Need advice re: snorkeling Luis Pena and Culebrita.
I think I have 3 options, hiring a Capt. and boat for a 1/2 day trip (does anyone offer full day trips?), renting a boat from the people at Casa Ensenda, or getting a water taxi to drop us off on a beach.
If memory serves the chartered boats runs 50$ pp, the water taxi 25$, and the boat rental 160$ a day.
Any input on the difference between these options?
Any first hand experience? I am particulary curious about the water taxi option.
Also, if I rent a boat for 1 day is it feasiable to do both cays in a day? Or do I need to take two trips on seperate days. Sounds like an exaushting day if we do both.
I have done the chartered boat snorkel trip before, so I have an idea what to expect there. I have been boating my whole life on the Chesapeake, so I figure I can handle a small powerboat with no problems.
Any input on snorkeling Luis Pena and Culebrita is appreciated. And if I am spelling them wrong do correct me..Bad spellers of the world untie! Thanks!

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