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Re: a week in November
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Chris AK (
Date:   09-05-08 02:47

My wife and I spent a week of our month visit to PR on Culebra. We are going back to Culebra for a week at Christmas-time. I have only been to PR once but If I were you I would spend a significant amount on Culebra... We are into camping and Playa flemenco is pretty kush.... El Yunque is fun, I only aloted 1/2 day, and I was satisfied. You can spend the day at el yunque and night at old san juan.... There is a place that was pretty amazing, its a local hangout and You have to be a little brave, "Las Tienajas " It is a river and as you hike back toward the mountains it becomes a series of waterfalls and pools that you can play in..... AMAZING! Follow the road to the airport in Fajardo and then you will just have to ask around... anyway, all in all go to Culebra you wont reget it!!

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