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Re: department of natural resources
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   08-29-08 15:25

And to think I once accused Jeannie of having little or no knowledge of llama issues. How wrong I was!

Everything Jeannie wrote is absolutely right. You are free to transport llamas in your own private vessel. Culebra is part of Puerto Rico, so you aren't crossing any state or territory lines.

I do have to clarify something about Mamacitas, though. You are technically not allowed to bring a llama in through the front entrance. But if you bring it in by Mamacitas' small dock on the canal, they can not stop you. Sure, they may raise a fuss, but the canal is considered "open domain", and that domain extends to 14 feet from the edge of either side of the canal. So, you MUST get a table close to the canal side of the restaurant, and be sure that the llama stays within the 14-foot zone at all times. Just one hoof out of bounds, and they're entitled to evict him/her.

If Mamacitas tries to stop you, just start screaming "OPEN DOMAIN!" at the top of your lungs. It's likely that some forum members will hear you and we'll back you up 100%.

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