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Boston, MA - to Culebra - 4/3
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: WB (
Date:   03-28-04 22:48

I am so glad I learned about this website on one of the PR Tourist guides...Spring break in PR begins April 5!! My family and I will be arriving on the mainland April 3-10 and I want to visit Flamenco Beach, spend the day to relax, snorkel and get something to eat. When do you suggest we go? April 4th??

I want to spend the day there, how early should I go and when is the latest time I can return?

Approx. how much does the round trip plane ride cost from the main island?
What part of the island does the plane land?
Any places we shouldn't miss?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am really looking forward to Culebra! as I've been to PR many times. :)

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Re: Boston, MA - to Culebra - 4/3
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   03-29-04 11:19

You can fly to Culebra from either San Juan or Fajardo. Fajardo is the least expensive. In San Juan, you can fly from either Isla Grande or the International Airport. It's cheaper from Isla Grande. Your choices are Vieques AirLink or Isla Nena. Look under transport on this site for more info.


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Re: Boston, MA - to Culebra - 4/3
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: JM RENTALS, INC. (66.50.189.---)
Date:   03-29-04 12:03

If you are planning to come to Culebra only for one day I suggest you should come on Monday, because the rest of that week is going to be hell in the Island, Spring Break in Puerto Rico. If I was you I should take an airplane from Isla Grande, the earliest one, I think is at 8:00Am it will cost you $80.00 round trip, if you come from Fajardo it will be $50.00 round trip, but remember that you have to spend money in gas, rent a car, and everything. Flamenco is not the only beach at Culebra, you can go also to Zoni beach, Carlos Rosario (snorkling), etc.

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