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Re: Snorkel Locations
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   08-24-08 22:54

Hola! WOW! Tamarindo is the way to go, maybe on my next honeymoon! LOL!!! It's lovely, maybe one of our bloggers could tell you how was their stay there. If it's nice and you can pay, stay there, sounds like a lovely place. Let us know how was your stay if you end up there.
In "The Culebra Calendar" here are the numbers for the boats:

Culebra Divers....................742-0803

Chris Goldmark/Bonefishg.742-0412

Culebra Boat Rental......... 742-3559

Ocean Safari Kayaks..........379-1973

Quarante Sail Charter.......349-0209

Tanamá Glass Bottom........501-0011

Aquatic Adventures...........742-0605

Culebra Marine Center.....742-3371

Guilín Fishing &Taxi..........314-6163

Matbe you can reserve one of these at a good price to take you where you want.
We have never rented a car while on Culebra but, we can walk miles and relay just fine on publicos and our legs and the occasional hitch hike. If walking is an issue, then consider renting a car $45-50/day or maybe hiring a publico to pick up/drop off for the day. At $2-3 per person doesn't sound bad, you can always negotiate with them.
We stayed at Casita Tropical, Molly treated us like royalty and picked us up and dropped us off on departure day. Great place , Check out their website.
Happy travels! J


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