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Ferry Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: KathrynJ (
Date:   08-14-08 15:20

My trip in October will be my first Ferry experience. Last time we went the Air Flamenco route.

I contacted John and he is going to take us from SJU to Fajardo.

We are going to try and catch the 7pm ferry on Saturday October 18th. Our flight lands around 3pm so I hope we don't have any problems.

How early do we need to get there? Should we worry about purchasing tickets in advance?

Is there a place near the ferry dock to grab dinner?

I think that is all my questions... Any tips or suggestions would also be appreciated.


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Re: Ferry Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   08-14-08 22:59

We had the exact decision to make. Our flight arrived at 3:10. Our driver was supposed to have gotten our tickets in advance, however, none were available. However this was a couple of weeks ago. Maybe October will be less busy. We found this out about 5 days before we were to come and I was panicked, however, we made it from SJU to IG for the 4:30 flight without any problems. . Flying Culebra to Vieques on Air Flamenco and taking the ferry from Vieques to Fajardo and having driver pick us up and take us to SJU for our flight home. The 6:30 ferry was a zoo!! I purchased our tickets several days early. Lots of locals appeared to be going to the big island to shop. Very few had any luggage. We had to elbow our way to get on, or we would still be standing there. LOL. When we got into Fajardo, the line for the ferries departing for Culebra and Vieques was over a mile long and it was sunny and hot. I am hoping this will not be your experience. October probably is not as popular a month as July/August. Have a wonderful time.

Vicki in Tennessee

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Re: Ferry Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mort (
Date:   08-15-08 08:22

Definitely October will be a lot less crowded. I would be surprised if the ferry is half full... except a holiday such as Columbus Day.

Remember the rule of thumb... Disneyland (or the local amusement park). Saturdays and Sundays are more crowded than weekdays. Summer is far more crowded than fall. Holiday weekends are much more crowded than non-holiday weekends, etc.

If you are still worried about it, book Henry for your transportation and pay him extra to pick up your ferry tickets. His contact info is in many threads here on the forum. Perhaps John does it, too, but I know that Henry lives in Fajardo.

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Re: Ferry Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   08-15-08 10:01

Hola! Fajardo has great places to eat. The seafood is fresh and wonderful. I'd suggest asking a local where to eat, your driver John will have a good suggestions. In Puerto Rico, restaurants open and close, someone that had a pleasant meal at a place today, may not be the same tomorrow. There are a good number of places to eat near the port.

Here is some transportation info:
John's publico:

Henry's publico: 787-632-9600
They are both frequently mentioned within the forum and they have good references and have provided good service. They range from $65-80.

I agree with Mort, October will be a good time to go to Culebra (low season), and it is after the long weekend but, it will be wild on the mainland. All though it is low key on Culebra, on the mainland it will be wild because it is the last month of the biggest and most active sport in Puerto Rico: Politics! LOL!!! I'd suggest to get to Culebra as fast as you can and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beach. Happy travels! J


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Re: Ferry Questions
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: KathrynJ (
Date:   08-15-08 10:38

Thanks for the info!

Looks like Culebra is getting some nasty weather today, although I'm sure the rain is very welcomed!

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