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Good place to stay with young children
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Doug Munro (
Date:   08-05-08 17:35

5 Aug. 2008. 5:30pm. I am embarrassed to post yet another "lodging" question here, as I am sure the regulars here read dozens of them every week. However, I could use some help. My family and I are going to Culebra for two weeks over Xmas 2008. We have been to Vieques loads of times, and so have some idea what to expect, but we have never been to Culebra. I am looking for recommendations on a decent place to stay for a family with children: me, wife, girl (10), boy (5). We are looking for somewhere reasonably priced and within walking distance of Dewey/Clarke amenities. When you have a 5-year-old, "walking distance" means about 3/4 mile absolute max. Casita Linda seems an option (I sometimes see "Casa Linda," and I assume this is the same place). Any others? We are looking for somewhere decent, but it need be all that high end (wasted on the children). On Vieques, we often stay at "Coco Loco" in Esperanza and have found it just right, so if anyone knows of a similar set up in Culebra, that would be wonderful. I'll post the same basic questions on the "inquiry form" too. Thanks very much.

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