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Gran Festival Culebrense
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (66.50.208.---)
Date:   03-14-04 07:09

Starting tomorrow the 15th, the Municipal Administration and the Arts and Culture Office of Culebra invite you to the following:

Puerto Rican Movies and Documentaries (all at 7pm)

15th: "La Fiebre de Irse", "La Guagua Aerea" - Barriada Villa Muñeco

16th: "Café", "Modesta", "Linda Sara" - Barriada las Delicias

17th: "Nostalgia y Tristeza", "La Gran Fiesta" - Barriada Clark

Barriada refers to the neighbourhood the movies are playing in! Once there, ask for exact location!

18th: "Noche de Bohemía" - live music 7pm

19th: - Group show of resident artists
- "Orquestra de Drones de Culebra" - live music 7pm

20th: "Gibaro de Puerto Rico" - live music 7pm

21st: - Festival de Chiringas (Kite Flying) 10 am
- "Marotita y sus Titeres" Theatre for children 5:30pm
- "Grupo de Baile K-3" Children's school dance group 6:30pm
- "Cuerpo de Bailes" - live music 7pm
- Fin de Fiesta con "Jorge y su Gran Rumba" - LIVE at 8:30pm

of course, all of this will be accompanied by great food, cold drinks and the culebrense smiles!


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Re: Gran Festival Culebrense
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Mannie (
Date:   03-15-04 15:29

I will arrive on the 24th to the 29th of March. Any cultural activities
going on?

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Re: Gran Festival Culebrense
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (66.50.201.---)
Date:   03-17-04 21:25

so far the movies have been great - a little late, but the free popcorn made up for it :)

make sure you come for the live music (and I assume dancing)!

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