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vacation rentals on Playa Flamenco
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Javier Miranda (
Date:   03-10-04 16:40

Not being familiar with the island, does anyone know of a large cottage or home for rent on Playa Flamenco or with a short walk?

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Re: vacation rentals on Playa Flamenco
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Gayle Booth (
Date:   03-22-04 08:47

We just returned from 4 days on Culebra. We stayed at Playa Flamenco Villas in apt 3-C. The accomodations were sparse but priced as at a full service beach resort elsewhere. We rented from Culebra Vacation Planners. They were very helpful. If I were to go again, I think I would rent in town and travel by rental jeep to the beaches. There is nothing else besides the beach down there. We traveled to town at night for dinner, drinks, music, etc. Everything had to be purchased at the groceries in town--including soap, ice cube trays, soap, cereal bowls, wash cloths, etc. They did provide one bath towel each (for all four days), and bed linens. In addition, the staff there was not at all helpful and have very limited hours of availability. There were loud night time parties at one of the villas and no staff available to enforce the 10:30 PM quiet hours.

The beach is gorgeous. But, at this time there is not an accomodation there I would return to for overnight. During the day---yes. Go. Then, return to a nice place in town for lodging.

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Re: vacation rentals on Playa Flamenco
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jayme (
Date:   03-25-04 17:09

Villa Flamenco Beach is right on the beach next to FBV. My husband and I never heard the "loud" parties going on next door. We had a studio facing the beach on the top (2nd) floor. It was new, clean, big, a/c, ceramic tile throughout and just perfect. We have many towels and sheets and they offer light housekeeping every 3 days. The owners live on the island not far from the building. The have water toys and chair for use at no charge, a BBQ area.
For me there was no reason to not stay right on Flamenco Beach. We would travel to other beaches on the island as day trips, them come back to our room to rest before dinner. We always ha dthe option of another quick dip steps from our door. Sunrise, Sunset, stargazing at night, all wihtout having to drive anywhere. During the week, early morning and afternoon, the beach is empty.
Stay on the beach!

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Re: vacation rentals on Playa Flamenco
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Michael (
Date:   03-25-04 19:01

I agree 100% with Jayme. Having stayed many times at Villa Flamenco Beach, (787-742-0023,) we are already looking forward to next year. One of the coolest things about staying in one of the second floor studios,(front,) is seeing the cruise ships as they go accross the horizon to St Thomas in the middle of the night.


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