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car rental necessary?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: kim green (
Date:   04-22-08 22:06

Hi all,
first off - what a great forum! you guys have convinced my bf and i to take our early june vaca to culebra! :)

how necessary is a car rental? we would like to avoid it. are there taxis or other transport available on the island?

i spoke to someone at bahia marina and she recommended it (she told me that they do run the rental company though!).

or, if there is another place on culebra to stay where a car rental wouldn't be necessary to get to some of the beaches? we'd love to find more out about that.

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Re: car rental necessary?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jeannie G3 (
Date:   04-22-08 22:47

Hola Kim! There are many places to stay on the island, it depends on your budget and other personal preferences. We have never rented a car in Culebra. We stayed at Casita Tropical in July '07 (see their link in the SHELTER part of this website). They are located a couple of streets away from the airport but far enough that you don't hear any airplane noise. They have bikes that you can use and we did use them often to bike into town which was about 5 minutes away. We also hitched rides with the locals. Everyone is very nice and friendly. There are vans called publicos (public transportation) and for $2 they will take you to Flamenco Beach, to Zoni it's a little more, $5 I think. If you want to go to the other beaches or explore around the island then you might want to rent a car. Maybe for a day or 2 you can consider that option and not spend a bundle on a rental. Car rental is about $45-50/day. Bahia Marina is one of the nicer places to stay but expensive. Check their website and other places. Many visitors go to Dakity Restaurant (located at Bahia Marina) which will reopen next month and absolutely love it. Me, I go to the simpler places like El Batey where I can eat local for $8. LOL!! There are at least 2 beaches you definitely want to go: Flamenco and Carlos Rosario. The entrance to Carlos R is off the parking lot from Flamenco, 15-20 minute hike, the trail is visible. It was the best snorkeling we've ever done. Happy travels! J


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