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The current weather in Culebra

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I'm new...
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Jen Lawrence (64.122.72.---)
Date:   02-14-08 15:30

Hi Everyone!
I just ran across this website...I have never looked into Puerto Rico much however it looks like I have possibly stumbled across a very much loved Island such as the one I fell in love with in Mexico that we have watched change so much over the past 7 years....

Is this the best place to find out more about Culebra? I would really love to hear from some of you that have been going to this Island for a long it "touristy"? We love being able to go somewhere beautiful but be able to be safe...have a small apartment or something where we can do alot of cooking in as we aren't really the typical tourist...we love finding out the culture of the island..we aren't timeshare people....we love for our typical vacation day to exist of waking up to watch the sun rise...have a nice breakfast in our own room...lay in the sun till about an hour before sunset...go to a nice beach for sunset...mill thru the town...follow our nose to supper... mill thru town again...stop at a grocery store and get things for breakfast...head back and go to bed...

some of you may know the island that we have been going to which is Isla Mujeres there any comparisons that anyone knows of...we are looking for some place new that is truly laid back, safe & someplace we would feel like we are home when we are there.

Any recommendations of where to look for info is so much appreciated..I look forward to getting to know more about Culebra!!!

Jen in MN

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