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Club Seabourne?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Nancy Nguyen (
Date:   02-08-08 14:19


My husband, six years old daughter and I are staying at Mamacitas for the first two nights of our stay, but wanted to enjoy a resort/pool sort of experience on our last day. Unfortunately, Bahia Marina was booked for 2/20 and they pointed us to Club Seabourne. The pictures from the site looks great, but the reviews on CS are terrible!! Has anyone been there recently? Is the service, renovations, etc any better? Coming back midday from the beach or a dip in the pool without new towels, or clean water, or a cleaned room would be a real bummer. I also read about: cracked tiles, moldy curtains or floppy mattresses and terrible service!

Also, we will rent a car from SJU and drive to the Ferry at Fajardo. Can we park our car there for three days, and does it costs? Is it worth it to pay the cargo to get our car to Culebra? Is a car even necessary for three days on the island?

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Re: Club Seabourne?
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Vicki moore (
Date:   02-09-08 13:56

Rentals are usually not allowed on the cargo ferry, plus from what I have read, you must have a reservation months in advance. Yes, you can park your car at the Fajardo ferry. Unsure of the fee, though. We will be renting a vehicle for our entire week stay on Culebra in July.

Vicki in Tennessee

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