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Trip Report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: bosie (
Date:   11-08-07 16:16

It's taken me awhile to report on my first visit to Culebra which occured Sept. 21-28. My vacation didn't start out so good...the day before I could feel a sinus/cold coming on...figured a vacation was just what I needed. Maybe it was all that air travel, the best part being the flight from Isla Grande to Culebra...very cool! I'd never been in a small plane but alas, my luggage didn't make it to San Juan and a major sinus infection was about to happen.
Arrived at Casa Ensenada via some nice folks at the airport. They run the shop with gorgeous things right down the street from Casa E and they invited me for pizza at some new place (turned out they didn't open that night) Right about now I needed a beer. Off to the Dingy Dock! Ok, so I am now blowing my nose every five minutes, but managed to yack it up with some really nice peeps at the bar. It was Taz from Aquatic Adventures and Sandra who is doing some fab tile work. A friend of theirs popped by and they invited me to dine with them. Gosh but people sure are nice so far! The food was good and I was pooped by then, when all of a sudden a major downpour. Taz and Sandra's friend (I want to say her name was Ruth, I may be wrong) gave me a ride back to Casa E and that's when I met a couple from Texas who saved my life with their "never travel without it" Z pack of antibiotics. Glenda and Dave were so nice and we managed to talk a bit before I passed out from a long long day.
Ok, next day, still no luggage. Gosh, I better go buy some toothpaste! Heehhe, also bought a little sundress thingy and a swimsuit and off to the famous Flamenco Beach...err Playa Flamenco. Yes, I am going to say Hola and Gracias from now on and hope to learn more Spanish as the days go by. What a gorgeous beach and practically deserted. It was hard not to stay in the water the whole day. Snorkeled around a bit and just laid around and blew my nose. Back in town Mamacitas was closed for renovations so off to the Dingy Dock again...hmmm Mahi Mahi was delicioso! Stayed awhile, saw a few characters and off to bed. Next day was basically a repeat. When I returned from the beach my luggage was at the airport and Willy the "Grand Publico" dubbed me buenas suerte...good luck. Hehehe
Took the water taxi via Guilan (he said his name was George tho) off to Culebrita. Snorkeled and hiked to the two other beaches. This was my favorite day!
Did I mention the wonderful pastries at Pandeli??? Or the very nice lady I passed every day sitting on her porch, hola! Saw MJ's funny cart, but alas, you were on vacation yourself. I forget the shop I went into a couple of times and how that lady kept giving me Culebra stickers. You should see my car, lol Since I visited during hurricane season Culebra was very quiet, I probably saw a total of 20 people the whole week. I finally started to feel better mid-week but fell in love with the isla right away. The perfect laid back vacation...sometimes I just sat on the deck of Casa E and stared at the water and boats, consumed with the grand feeling of doing absolutely nothing. Of course, now I am having grand illusions of moving to Culebra. In any case, I will return and maybe I will even go to a different beach...was a lazy crazy girl! Muchos gracias for all your help forum peeps! See ya soon!

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