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Re: four days on Culebra
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Cecilia Hennessy (
Date:   11-07-07 11:00

I highly recommend a snorkeling/scuba trip to Culebrita with Taz (boat name: Raz-ma-Taz, off the pier near Mamacita's). As a midwesterner, I've never seen anything like what I saw that day; Hawksbill turtle, spotted eagle ray, juvenile nurse shark, and crystal clear water. Taz is a great guy with cheaper rates than anyone else around. Forget about the glass-bottomed boat and just get into the water!

I stayed at Mamacita's and loved it: very clean, comfy bed, satellite TV (hey, there's always a little down time), microwave and refridgerator, and the noise is not as bad as Lonely Planet made it seem (everything was silent by 10 PM, but I was there during the week). See if you can talk them down on their rates: a friend of mine got them down to $60. And the food is just incredible.

You've just GOT to snorkel, and getting around the island is not easy if you don't get a jeep. So try to get a jeep from Jerry's (cheaper than Carlos at the airport) and you'll see more beaches. There are virtually no taxis on the island.

One last thing: I recommend that you bring your own snorkeling gear, even though it takes up space in your luggage. Get something that fits you well, set the mask to your size, and forget about it. I had a friend that rented snorkeling gear: the mask was too tight (and she spent maybe 20 minutes adjusting it and it still wasn't comfortable) and the fins were too loose. And this was not cheap! The money she spent on renting would have easily bought her a set in the States.

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