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Camping and Insects
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Bruno Labrie (
Date:   04-12-07 01:19


Next month, it will be the second time that I visit Culebra. I love Isla Culebra! And, this year, I plan to camp at Flamenco Beach. It's one of the most beautiful beaches that I seen in my life and I would like to sleep in front of the Carabean.

But, I want to enjoy my camp experience. I know that it’s a challenge to camp at 95 degree Fahrenheit, especially for a Canadian. But, when I read some posts in the forum, I am disturbed about insects at Flamenco Beach.

Last year (May ’06), I was not importuned by the insects on the Island, but I never camped there.

They have many insects? Red Ants? Which is your opinion on the subject? Is it pleasant to camp there?

If I can’t go outside without three layer of repellent and that I am constrained to beat me with the flies, I will reconsider my choice to bring my Camp stuff by airplane.

You know, I don't want to have a bad experience.


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Re: Camping and Incect
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: julia Huff (199.198.220.---)
Date:   04-12-07 12:24

It is very pleasant to camp, and insects are not that bad. there are no ants. We camped two weeks ago, and we did not get any bite-there were no mosquitoes. The next night we moved in to the room, and we were covered in bites. So I would prefer camping.
dont forget that you are camping on the beach--there is a breeze from, and there are no deep bushes and grass, and it is cool, not hot at all.

You should bring the repellent, but is not that bad. You get more bites in the restaurants in the evening, then camping

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