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Old San Juan
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Donna Mills (
Date:   03-24-07 17:16

Hello! My husband are staying in San Juan one night and it seems Hotel Milano in Old San Juan is a great place to stay; however, our flight leaves at 6:25am the next morning and I was wondering if, in your expert opinions, we would be better off staying closer to the airport. This is our first trip to Culebra, by the way. Also does anyone know the apx cab fare cost from Isla Grande to Old San Juan and Old San Juan to the bigger airport? Thank you for all your reviews, etc. We are so very excited to see Culebra for ourselves! Donna

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Re: Old San Juan
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: hillman (
Date:   03-25-07 04:47


Taxi: $15
Overnight Stay: I reccomend the Airport Best Western, convienent and comfortable, and clean.

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Re: Old San Juan
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: beachbound (
Date:   04-02-07 13:25

Hi Donna,

We just did some of this. Part of our group arrived SJU around midnight and took the 8:30 am flight out of Isla Grande the next morning. They stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. No problems. If you are going to have time in the evening, Hotel Milano is in a great location. We stayed there on the return portion of our trip and it was really nice. Can walk to SO many places and the rooms, while small, where immaculately clean. We had more people (usually filled the van PLUS luggage!) than you, but these were our cab fares:
Isla Grande to Old San Juan: $23-25 + tip
OSJ to SJU: $25 + tip

Hope that helps!



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