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Juanita Bananas Review
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Marty (
Date:   03-22-07 16:41

I recently returned from a week long vacation to Culebra with my girlfriend, her mother, and her brother. We had an absolutely amazing time on the beautiful island.

I wish we could say the same about our dining experience at Juanita Bananas.

We made reservations for 8 PM and were promptly seated. A server didn't show up at our table to take a drink order until 8:35. Not a big deal...we were excited to be on the island and chatting about the great day we had. I had done research beforehand and from Juanitas site I knew that Monday was "sushi Monday" so we planned accordingly.

We ordered our drinks. My girlfriends mom ordered one of the pricier bottles of wine off of the wine list.'s vacation. We ordered appetizers as well...the salmon wontons.

My girlfriend, her mother, and myself each ordered 3 rols of sushi apiece while her brother ordered the guava basted ribs with a bean salad.

Over 30 minutes later one of the rolls appeared(no appetizer yet), another 15 minutes later another roll appeared.(still no appetizer). Over the course of our time in the restaurant so far (1 hour 10 minutes) the table behind us has been fed, cleared and a new group of people was working on their appetizers.

20 minutes after the second roll came out 2 more rolls came out and my girlfriends mother ordered a second bottle of wine....a 1997 grande riserva spanish red...upwards of $45 for the bottle....once again...we are on vacation no big deal....except....when the bottle came out it was CLEARLY MARKED AS A YEAR 2000 WINE. 3 years difference??? This is a huge difference in time for winemaking...HUGE. Especially if you are going to advertise one thing on your menu and then serve a completely different thing?

So about 90 minutes in...4 rolls appetizers yet, no entree for little brother yet...the server comes out with 4 more rolls and the appetizer. We are getting frustrated....we know it's a laid back island atmosphere but this kind of service anywhere would be UNACCEPTABLE. I don't care where you are it's just not right to treat patrons like this.

Now we get to the good stuff.

They bring out the final roll....about 1 hour and 45 minutes into dinner.

I got up and asked the server very politely when my girlfriends brothers ribs would be out...he was cool at first and said he would go right back and check on it. Her brother is bummed because he didnt get to eat with all of us at the same time and at this point just wants it boxed when the server comes back he asks him if he could take it to go. I decide to let the server know why we want it to go. I told her we waited over 2 hours for a rack of ribs, nothing was served in a timely manner, you sold us a 1997 bottle of wine that was actually a 2000, you didnt take our drink order until about 40 minutes in.

He asked "Well what would you like me to do about it?"
My girlfriends mom replied "Well what would you do if you were us?"
He says "Honestly I just think I wouldn't complain at all"

The attitude and tone in his voice when he replied was disgusting and rude.

My girlfriends mom and brother got up at this point and went out to the car. I stayed behind with my girlfriend to speak to the manager.

She wasn't any better.

She took $10 off the cost of the wine. That's it.


Overall this place was terrible. The rolls were bland. The heated up ribs didn't have a lot of meat on the bone and the service was piss poor.

Save yourself from the overpriced menu of sub-par food and go eat at Mamacitas. We ate there twice and each time were pleased. The server even comped us on some free coffee.

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