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 1. Police on Culebra ruined vacation James Duclos    04-12-19 17:54
Police on Culebra target tourists. We parked our rental golf cart in front of a gift shop by the ferry dock. There was not a yellow curb there and a sign that the area was for public transport only wa

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 2. Re: getting to Culebra from SJU Phil Ryder    09-09-18 17:52
We have done both (just wrapped up our ninth trip to Culebra). While the flight gets you there quickly, and the landing is a rush (!), the ferry is truly the way to go. If you're interested, I can sen

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 3. Re: help please!!! Brandon Storer    09-27-17 09:49
Also, you can't take a rental car on the Ferry.

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 4. Re: help please!!! Specialk    06-26-17 10:05
You can take a taxi from SJU to Isla Grande. About 20 bucks. From there, you can fly to Culebra for around $70pp each way. You can also take a taxi or rental car to Fajardo and take the ferry or fly f

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 5. Food Truck or Restaurant Lease Wanted Jackie Gyro    04-05-17 09:13
Hello. After visiting Culebra 5 yrs ago from the states I KNEW one day I would call your beautiful, peaceful Island "home" I moved to Rincon two yrs ago and have lived a good, productive life.

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 6. Re: Bringing car to Culebra Specialk    01-05-17 13:20
You most likely cannot take your rental car. If you own a car on mainland PR, then you can take it on the Cargo ferry, but not on the regular ferry. Honestly though, you're better off jus

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 7. Re: Scooter rental Specialk    04-11-16 14:24
Taxi from ferry to Flamenco (Or anywhere else for that matter) is only a couple of bucks. A golf cart will get you around. A jeep is more fun. You can definitely use a bike t

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 8. Re: First Visit to Culebra Michael    04-07-16 01:20
The 4 AM ferry is, BTW, also a pretty good way to make sure you get on as a passenger, but then again, during the week the line is not so crazy and the 4AM only runs on weekdays! As Donna

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 9. Re: First Visit to Culebra Morris Aronoff    04-06-16 18:23
Hi- Most, if not all of the car rental agencies do not allow you to take rental cars on the ferry. You can park in Fajardo and take the passenger ferry. The cargo ferry from Fajardo to Culebra leaves

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 10. long term parking in Fajardo near Ferry Richard jefferson    03-24-16 23:26
Hi folks, We are coming to Culebra at the end of April. we are going to spend a couple days in the rain forest then take the ferry over. This trip will be with my wife and grand daughter (1

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 11. Newbie to Culebra mnfun2bme    03-03-16 15:41
Hi All, I'm a total newbie to Culebra but I have been on many other islands in the Caribbean. I think I'd like to try Culebra next. For months I've read many of the TripAdvisor questions and I

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 12. Fajardo - Culebra & Return Kelsey    12-09-15 12:24
Our travel dates are 28 Dec - 31 Dec. We are hoping to arrive early to Fajardo (6AM) to get tickets for 8AM ferry to Culebra. Once there we plan to camp on Flamenco beach, using the taxis/vans to get

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 13. Re: golf cart rental Donna Pickard    03-03-15 10:19
Contact Carlos Jeep Rental, 787 742-3514 or Jerry's Jeep Rental 787 742-0526. Both have golf carts and will meet you at the ferry.....

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 14. golf cart rental pam lackey    03-02-15 21:28
we will be taking the ferry over to culebra. Once we get there, we would like to visit FlAmenco beach and melones. Can we get to these beaches by renting golf carts? If so, is the golf cart rental p

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 15. Re: auto rental Michael    12-26-14 03:17
John, whenever I rented a car, I did so on the main island and put it on the ferry. But that was usually because I need the car to do things in Puerto Rico rather than in Culebra .. For Culebra,

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 16. Renting a car at Fajardo Dustin    12-03-14 12:50
Hi, We would like to spend as much time as possible in Culebra so we're planning on taking the last (5pm) ferry off of the Island on a Thursday in February. We are trying to rent a car in Fajard

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 17. Ferry LoriAnne    11-30-14 13:45
Will the ferry be running December 27, 2014? I need to return to San Juan on the 27 for return flight, early the 28th. I hope to book return travel from Culebra via ferry, then car rent

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 18. Re: long term golf cart rental Benjamin    05-10-14 01:00
Let me see, 3 months, 12 X $250.00 per week rental= $3000.00 ,you could buy a used one from P.R. and ship it over to Culebra on the vehicle ferry , then donate it to a Culebra church, or try to quick

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 19. Re: Renting Flippers for 8 Days Jennifer White    05-09-14 17:34
We rent from Culebra Divers which is on the main street across from the ferry. I think it was $10 a day and they came in a mesh bag to make them easier to carry. Our house rental came with a few pai

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 20. Casa Robinson now bookable online! Michael    01-14-14 05:06
Mr. Robinson (check his tripadvisor rating) agreed to open a couple fo his rooms to and have them bookable online!!! I am very excited! He picks up from the ferry (he will

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 21. Re: Using the ferry Vicki moore    12-30-13 23:23
No rental cars are allowed by the rental companies to be on the ferry. The ferry is for locals, especially business type folks. You will see produce trucks, rental trucks, dump trunks, etc on the ferr

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 22. Re: Cargo Fare Vicki moore    06-17-13 00:07
Rental cars are not allowed on the ferry. Mostly locals are on the ferry and most times have to schedule their trip months in advance. Commercial vehicles have first priority, as well [%s

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 23. Re: length of ferry ride and other info? Tim S    05-15-13 10:09
If the weather is cooperating, the ferry ride shouldn't be any longer than an hour and a half. There's a pretty good chance you won't get the rental car on the ferry. Saturday ferry rides to Culebra

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 24. length of ferry ride and other info? ariel    05-15-13 03:26
how long is the ferry ride from fajardo to culebra? we are coming out may 18th into san juan and will have a rental car. thinking we'd drive to fajardo, leave the car there OR take it on... then camp

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 25. Cost of living? Kendra Kull    03-23-13 02:54
Hello all! I have learned a lot on this site, but I could not find anything on the general cost of living. I have been able to search for the price of rentals and homes for sale. I am wondering

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 26. camping en route to Culebra in March...Luquillo or 7 seas? RueBelle    02-27-13 21:32
As I continue to make plans for my upcoming trip to Culebra, it is becoming clear that either on the way there or the way back I will likely need to tack on a night of camping somewhere near Fajardo.

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 27. Re: Is the ferry to Culebra Fully operational? Rich Bennett    02-11-13 17:11
The passenger ferry does not allow vehicles on it. There is another cargo ferry that travels back and forth but we were never able to find much more information on it, other than spots are for reside

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 28. Re: Is the ferry to Culebra Fully operational? Todd Wolf    02-11-13 12:22
Coming in a couple weeks for the first time. Do they allow cars on the ferry if the rental company allows it? Todd

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 29. Re: Taking Rental Car from PR to Culebra mss289r    10-11-12 13:07
It can be done, but it adds some tension to your trip. Getting on the ferry in Fajardo can be confusing. If you are staying 2-3 weeks, I'd go for it. You'll save $'s. How likely is car trouble with a

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 30. Re: Taking Rental Car from PR to Culebra Michael    10-10-12 02:54
You can do it, but many rental contracts will be voided. Charlie's in San Juan used to not explicitly forbid it in their contract. Catrgo ferry: show up early and you'll get on, unless big holiday.

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