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 1. Re: Sailboat Charter in June 2020 mjl7245    01-24-20 23:57
I don't know of anyone on Culebra who would rent you a boat, but Sail Caribe in Fajardo is a great charter company that I have used a few times ( From Fajardo it's a 20nm sail to the

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 2. Easter Mass mjl7245    01-24-20 23:49
Can anyone tell me what time Easter Mass is celebrated at the Catholic church on Culebra? Is there a mass on Saturday evening or just on Easter Sunday? The phone number for the church would also be he

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 3. Re: BILL W ...anyone know him??? mjee    12-27-14 16:27
Thanks Debbie! Do you now of another number for Jim? The number posted is out of service? MJ

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 4. BILL W ...anyone know him??? mjee    12-19-14 20:55
Looking for Bill W on Culebra during my visit in late Jan...anyone know him?? Thanks MJ

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 5. Re: AA mjee    12-19-14 20:52
Shoot, we will be there Jan 19 for 5 days. I will post another way. May need to resort to online options. Plan to call 'central office' @ 787-704-1634 to see if they have anything on record. Enjoy you

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 6. AA mjee    12-13-14 14:25
Hello I was wondering if anyone is aware of any AA meetings or anyone also in the fellowship on Culebra? Will be traveling mid-end of Jan 2015, English would be great, if not Spanish is fine!

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 7. Re: Proposed Hotel Culebra MJ    11-06-13 06:27
It's open and beautiful!

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 8. Re: Photographer Needed! Culebra MJ    02-14-13 17:11
Is it taking photos of property? And how big is the quick buck ? ;)

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 9. Re: Food bank? Culebra MJ    02-01-13 04:33
Just to add, whoever cleans the place you stayed in also usually benefits from leftovers, to use and to share ;)

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 10. Re: Lllamas Culebra MJ    02-01-13 04:32
'Most' in the most subjective way ~

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 11. Re: Is M.J. real? Culebra MJ    01-25-13 20:19
I was trying to explain to someone, sort of, the llamas of Culebra and referred him to this forum. While looking for references I found this...I'd never seen this post before (probably because I don't

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 12. Re: Lllamas Culebra MJ    01-25-13 20:12
I was referring someone to this forum to authenticate the llamas and just saw this. Luckily, the llamas are way too cool to need any stimulants, so all the more for us!

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 13. Re: Eucalyptus? Culebra MJ    01-25-13 19:59
Thank you, Herb, for your continued protection of the llamas. They are alive and well and continue to live quietly on their very special place on the beach.

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 14. Re: Groceries on Culebra Culebra MJ    01-18-13 15:02
You can ask at Vibra Verde about ordering things for you; they are great people and happy to help. Also there are a lot of health food stores on the big island. Losing our local health food store was

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 15. Re: buying fresh lobster and fish Culebra MJ    12-12-12 21:55
All of the markets carry charcoal. If you are camping, there are grills to do just that. There is no 'central' place to hook up with local fishermen, but if you ask around while you are here, someone

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 16. Re: Proposed Hotel Culebra MJ    12-12-12 21:52
I have no idea of his future plans, sorry! But the party tonight was good (I'm sure it's still going on, I go home early) and very positive in a sad situation. I'll ask him when I see him what comes n

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 17. Re: Proposed Hotel Culebra MJ    12-12-12 15:34
Today is the last day Jorge will be on the premises. Whether or not the hotel is allowed is still undecided. A sad day for Culebra.

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 18. Re: Proposed Hotel Culebra MJ    11-13-12 11:46
There are, thankfully, lawyers who are involved. None of this happens by wishful thinking and there are those who work harder than anyone might imagine to try and right the wrongs, here, as everywhere

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 19. Re: Lockboxes and campground reservation Culebra MJ    11-11-12 13:32
Llamas are only opportunists for peace and love. However, there is always the chance of a chubacabra in llama's clothing.

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 20. Re: currently open restaurants Culebra MJ    11-11-12 13:30
Great list mavini! Thanks! I forget a lot of those places since I'm not on the corner anymore ;)

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 21. Re: Who's open Culebra MJ    11-11-12 13:28
Susie's will be open after T day. Dinghy Dock is closed until mid-december. Zaco's is open, Neil and Wanda's kiosko at Flamenco is open with Steve bartending, pizza place I think? Blue at the Spot is

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 22. Re: Proposed Hotel Culebra MJ    11-11-12 13:26
Except for the eviction notice tacked on his door, nothing yet that I've heard, but actions are being taken and in the works, we'll hear more soon.

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 23. Re: Eucalyptus? Culebra MJ    03-05-12 05:34
The llamas are NOT a joke! However, they do burn incense that is made from eucalyptus. Syberchick is very lucky, she must have been quite close to them.

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 24. Re: Flamenco Beach Culebra MJ    06-26-11 01:24
Sue, bravo! And on my umbrella time? No thanks, we've had plenty of that already! MJ: Oh Umbrella, jealousy is not pretty. I've seen how Sue looks at you.

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 25. Re: Flamenco Beach Culebra MJ    06-25-11 06:41
Having seen the sunburns of people who stay out in the sun while enjoying the beach, I think that 20 bucks sounds like a deal for anyone planning to stay for hours at a time. MJ, who is

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 26. Re: Rental Jeep Warning Culebra MJ    06-25-11 06:37
Just a note for Hilda...some people who visit here, in fact many, stay in places that walking or taking the publico is just not feasible. In town sure, if that's how you like it, that's great, plenty

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 27. Re: Gym Culebra MJ    06-16-11 02:59
The gym is still open and it's free. Not open on weekends or holidays.

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 28. Re: Wildife and Relaxation Yacht Charter In Culebra Culebra MJ    03-27-11 17:49
Rick and Karen, Our lives have been enhanced by your presence. Your love of and caring about Culebra have been shown over and over - we love to see you arrive and your departure leaves it

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 29. Re: New Opportunities Culebra MJ    01-28-11 22:40
It sounds get it! Looking forward to meeting you both. See you when.

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 30. Llama update Culebra MJ    01-27-11 04:29
For those of you who remember the llamas, I got the following in my email and will be posting the photo on my blog, since I can't post it here (or if I can, I don't know how!). A rare sighting that I

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