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 1. Re: Ferry Doug    01-20-17 13:55
There are also flights to and from Ceiba.

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 2. Re: Ferry Bob Deneen    01-19-17 13:35
We've used John's Publico to get to Fajardo and he's bought the ferry tickets ahead of time for us - I saw Air Flamenco has a 4:30 flight out of Isla Grande on Saturdays

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 3. Re: Ferry Alissa    01-18-17 12:41
The ferry can be pretty unreliable. I highly suggest you take the plane route. There are several small carriers that should have flights that work for your schedule. In addition there a

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 4. Ferry Amy O'Donoghue    01-17-17 12:41
I know there is probably no sure answer about this, as I have scoured the internet for one, but I was wondering about taking the 7pm ferry to Culebra. Normally I would take a plane but there is no via

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 5. Re: exchange ferry tickets Michael    01-10-17 09:13
at the ferry terminal, not online (I assume you are talking about ones that you bought at

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 6. exchange ferry tickets Marta Slotterback    01-09-17 20:59
Can tickets to the ferry be exchanged for another date?

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 7. Bicycles on Culebra Ferry Carolina Rentas Leon    10-27-16 07:43
Please inform me on all rules, guidelines about taking bicycles on the Culebra Ferry. My partner and I are camping over New Years ( since all affordable rooms and golfcarts are booked) We will be camp

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