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 31. Re: Want to visit Culebra for the first time MJ    02-21-07 16:47
Just a thought...having been in the *just need a serious time out in a beautiful peaceful place* life spot before, I'd suggest you get a place to stay, somewhere like Villa Fulladoza or Casa Ensenada

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 32. Re: Where should I stay MJ    02-21-07 05:26
There are a number of places around to pick up reading material. Paradise Gift Shop has a book room, On Island has books, Culebra Beach House and Butiki both have space dedicated to books, and I'm pro

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 33. Re: planning trip to culebra and vieques Tate Kauffman    11-02-06 14:29
My wife and I have stayed at Villa Fulladoza twice (the first time on our honeymoon) and have been very happy with it both times. There is no air conditioning, but we didn't miss it. The screens wer

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 34. Re: casa ensenada dan powers    08-31-06 00:14
also wondering about casa robinson, villa fulladoza, villa boheme, and vigias guest house. thanks

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 35. Re: Culebra Island Villas Culebra Island Villas    07-16-06 12:50
Hi Debbie we are located past Casa Ensenada only if coming from the airport. When you come from the ferry you have to make a right onto the drawbridge and we are past Boheme and Fulladoza. You can cli

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 36. Re: Villa Boheme or Fulladoza sue p    06-02-06 09:51
I recommend Villa Flamenco Beach. There's nothing better than waking up on one of the most beautiful beaches. The place was super clean and the owners were really nice!

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 37. Re: Villa Boheme or Fulladoza JoseGuzman    06-02-06 05:25
I have stayed at both... Villa Boheme will be my choice always. Capt. J.Guzman

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 38. Re: Villa Boheme or Fulladoza vacation girl    06-02-06 00:42
for a 3rd option i recommend casa ensenada. this place is reasonably priced, very clean, and comes with LOTS of extras. at least check out their website ! good luck,

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 39. Re: Villa Boheme or Fulladoza Blair    06-01-06 23:00
My husband and I stayed at Villa Boheme in March and LOVED it. We stayed in room 11, which had a fridge and it's own balcony. We would definitely do it over again. We usually packed coolers with ou

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 40. Villa Boheme or Fulladoza dubelauze    06-01-06 20:30
After reading all the posts, I still hesitate between Villa Boheme or Villa Fulladoza. I will go at the end of July, beginning of August. Should I bother about air conditioning at that time? Does a

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 41. Wonderful Culebra Martin Zell    04-14-06 22:16
My girlfriend and I spent the first week in April in Culebra and because this forum was so helpful prior to our going, I feel an obligation to post our experiences. I could go on and on so i'll just

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 42. Re: Villa Fullodoza serafinapup    02-27-06 12:52
Hey Valerie, I'm also currently debating between Fulladoza and Villa Boheme, although I am pretty sure I'll go with Fulladoza. Guzman said the same thing to me, but Boheme is about $95/nt plus

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 43. Re: Villa Fullodoza holly    02-26-06 09:57
I've stayed at Villa Fulladoza about 4 times many years back. I am trying it again this April. Very comfortable place. What was great was the same people came the same week every year and you got to k

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 44. Re: Villa Fullodoza JoseGuzman    02-26-06 06:19
Have you seen Fulladosa ? its view is fantastic, just before to Fulladoza is Villa Boheme, same prices, but A/C, and their location is perfect. Check on them, you will not be sorry.

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 45. Re: My Version of a stay in Culebra serafinapup    02-08-06 16:38
the original post on this is fabulous!! i am going to culebra for the first time in april and can't wait. my boyfriend and i are looking forward to our probable spartan accomodations and SLOOOOOW li

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 46. Re: surfing holly    02-04-06 18:14
myself and my 2 teenage boys are going to Culebra middle of April. They are hoping to surf. Probally only bring boogie boards. Staying at Villa Fulladoza. You can get a publico to Flamenco for $2 each

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 47. Re: vacation planning advice? serafinapup    01-20-06 15:50
To anyone else who's interested...I have reserved Villa Boheme and with tax the cheap rooms come to $103 per night. I might change it however, since I just got a call back from Villa Fulladoza and th

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 48. Re: vacation planning advice? JoseGuzman    01-19-06 04:13
Villa Fulladoza does not have any A/C on the rooms, and it is about the same price as VB. Hotel Puerto Rico is a poor hotel, it is chea but not that cheap, may be you get a room woith out bath,

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 49. Re: vacation planning advice? Abe Ross    01-18-06 22:00
We looked at Villa Fulladoza while we were in Culebra recently and it looked very nice. I was wondering if the Villa Boheme gets much noise from the Dinjy Dock which can be loud in the evening.

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 50. Re: vacation planning advice? serafinapup    01-18-06 11:22
OK...I think I've narrowed it down to three places, of which one is VB. Would you have any comments on the other two? Villa Boheme Turtle's Nest (aka: Casablanca Condo #3) Vi

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 51. Looking for a place in or near Dewey in late Jan or early Feb Claire Morda    11-27-05 17:06
HI- my previous trips to Culebra have either been alone or 2 couples and I've always stayed at Villa Fulladoza. this trip will be my husband and I, one or two of my brothers and a female friend. I'd l

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 52. Lodging and general advice Arla Jessen    11-22-05 14:53
Hello - My fiance and I are planning a trip to Culebra February 14 - 21 and trying to determine the best, most economical place to stay (clean, with kitchen, relatively near water). Any input on

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 53. Re: Trip john smits    08-21-05 19:12
If you are not into having Jerry and Molly with you 24 hrs a day, get a guest house - one of the best is Villa Fulladoza - rent a jeep from Jerry or Carlos. There are all kind of w

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 54. Re: Casablanco Condo Sharon DiLorenzo    07-08-05 07:32
Lauren, Casablanca Condo is in a great location - close to most everything yet off the main drag so it should be quiet. We did not stay there but it looks nice. We were up the hill next to th

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 55. Re: Villa_Flamenco_Beach Mai    06-24-05 12:00
I stayed at Villa Fulladoza and we could flush toilet paper down.

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 56. Re: Villa_Flamenco_Beach Jacques    06-15-05 12:37
Oh my... The place is not terrible. It's just that there are so many better places to stay on the island as most of you will agree. Few drawbacks : - Although you are quite far from

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 57. Re: low cost accomodations Mai    06-14-05 14:41
Megan, I agree w/Jacque's advice. Please read my reply post for "Traveling to Culebra Suggestions" to get more info about Villa Fulladoza. I had forgotten to mention that our room had a stove and sink

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 58. Re: Villa_Flamenco_Beach Mai    06-14-05 14:30
Jean, My husband and I stayed at Villa Fulladoza, owned and ran privately. We went in May. There is no a/c there but we were rarely there during the day. Some days we would come in and out of ou

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 59. Re: Traveling to Culebra Suggestions Mai    06-14-05 14:17
My husband and I honeymooned in Culebra for 3wks in 2002. We took a cab (not so expensive considering the drive) to Fajardo. We arrived at night and stayed at the Fajardo Inn. We had dinner on the bac

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 60. Re: low cost accomodations Jacques    06-07-05 11:35
Again, I really think Villa Fulladoza blows Boheme out of the water. Boheme is fine but Fulladoza has more character, it's smaller and the rooms are really nice. They have a kitchen and a killer outsi

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