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 1. trip report derek coats    06-19-18 11:22
Just returned from a week long stay on the island the second week of June. This was our third trip to the island and first since early 2016. We flew into the island via Vieques Air Link departing fr

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 2. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 3. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 4. Re: Hotel without car bosie    04-16-13 15:25
I suggest you rent a place in town and take the publico to the beach. ($3 each way) Try Villa Boheme, Casa Ensenada...there are many places to choose from. You will be in walking distance to the resta

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 5. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 6. Re: Lodging??? PLEASE HELP! Debbie    05-10-11 12:02
Costa Bonita is not recommended (do a search here for info rather than having it explained again (the topic brings out the worst in some of us - LOL)). Green Villas would be nice; nice lo

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 7. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra Tate Kauffman    02-15-10 08:47
Villa Fulladoza is a great place and in your price range. My wife and I stayed there on our honeymoon and have been back three times since. Villa Boheme is also worth checking out. Both of these pl

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 8. Trip Report Nancy S    02-15-09 10:43
I’d like to thank everyone who answered questions and helped with trip planning. We were on Culebra from Feb. 4-11. We flew in from Isla Grande on Air Flamenco, which was fun. It’s a great way

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 9. Re: Just back from la isla richard    02-10-09 19:57
so Villa Melones is renting again? I'd heard it was off the sublet market for a while. (note for future ref.)

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 10. Just back from la isla Tracy Eichelberger    02-10-09 17:44
Another great stay last week...(no.15 for Tracy, no.17 for Gary) Too windy for the kayaking we wanted to do (sorry Jim) but the water was great and had a great time one day at Zoni (thank

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 11. Re: Another lodging recommendation post...PLEASE HELP :) Tammy    10-10-08 18:40
I can't tell you about the others, but we just got back from our first trip to Culebra and stayed at Casa Ensenada in the Estudio unit. There's no pool, of course, but we did lots of swimming a

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 12. Re: What hotel for snorkeling? richard    07-16-08 23:44
there is Harbor View, I've stayed a coupla times with no complaints, other opinions differ. there are also some villa/apt.s that rent near there. yes it is a bit sparse. - but I don't fi

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 13. Re: Accomodation on beach Doug    05-30-08 15:02
In its wisdom, Culebra has only had a minimal amount of actual "on the beach" lodging built. The two beaches with lodging are Tamarindo and Flamenco. Tamarindo Beach Cottages on the former and Culeb

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 14. Re: Balcones de Melones richard    05-22-08 17:56
is Balcones de Melones the same as Villa Melones? if it is a stunning view, great decks, but you'll soon tire of that last hill (a struggle with a jeep in 1st gear)

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 15. Re: Zoni Beach estate?? richard    02-22-08 00:37
other side of the island Villa Melones and its adjoining apt. has a fantastic deck, dip pool and killer sunsets (but no beach).

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 16. Re: Staying at Culebra Beach Villas 2/20-2/22 Michael Nickerson    01-29-08 09:37
Hey Vanessa, For that length of time a car won't be necessary. The publico to and from Flamenco Beach is $2/person. The 3 main shopping places are right in town, Milka, El Eden, and Maya. As for

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 17. Re: Wedding in Culebra richard    05-09-07 03:29
how small? a friend has rented Villa Melones (3 BR now I hear) a coupla times, stunning setting on the cliff several hundred feet over the water looking out over Luis Pena with a huge cov

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 18. Re: Juanita Bananas Debbie    12-18-06 21:02
Jorge, You know where Harbor View Villas is located? On the road to Melones - closer to town than to Melones. The restaurant is on the same property as Harbor View Villas.

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 19. Detailed Review of Culebra Beach Villas, CBV Marc Burnstine    11-26-06 02:45
This review is long, and I just got back so it is fresh in my head. I felt like someone needed to do a detailed review of Culebra Beach Villas, so here it is. Will try to post some pics at some poin

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 20. Re: Newbie needs info Deb Folk    08-22-06 17:41
My husband and I stayed at Harbour View Villas this past March. Great villa with a nice view of the harbour. Easy walking distance to town and Melones, however we did get pretty warm br

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 21. Re: Advice for amateurs debby    06-22-06 16:40
My husband and I just returned from Culebra; had a wonderful time. We stayed at Villa Boheme; it was very clean and nice- would definitely stay there again.(we had room #11, but our friends stayed in

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 22. Re: casa robinson v. harbour view villas Debbie    03-30-06 21:34
Casa Robinson is going to be much more modern than Harbour View Villas. HVV - kitchens are outdoors - kind of hard to explain, but it's very rustic. You will need a car or scooter at either of these

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 23. Culebra visit....PERFECT alyssa englis    02-27-06 12:58
My husband and I got back form a week in Culebra yesterday. It was so sad to leave such a perfect place. I cannot wait to go back. The beaches were fabulous. We had great snorkling at Fl

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 24. Re: Culebra lodging Gary Eichelberger    02-24-06 18:14
few choicnes "on" the beach. Some rooms at Flamenco. Have not stayed there. check websites for two locations: Tamarindo Estates, very clsoe to tamarindo beach - mostly shell , little sand - but great

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 25. Housing on Culebra Remie    11-04-05 16:05
Does anyone have an opinion on any of the below places? My boyfriend and I are trying to decide where to stay. We want a pretty place for a romantic getaway. He doesn't want to totally "rough it",

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 26. Invasión Mosquitos en Culebra? EdgardMaricel    05-06-05 19:34
Hice una reservación en Villa Melones para el próximo fin de semana y me han dicho que es mejor cambiar mi estadía para junio porque en estos días hay una invasión de mosquitos en Culebra.

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 27. Re: Question Debbie    04-06-05 08:07
Melones Point is a far walk from town. I don't know where this villa is in relation, but a car for a couple of days wouldn't be a bad idea if you want to see the island, especially to go to Flamenco.

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 28. Question Mali    04-05-05 20:55
Okay, I noticed the Villa Melones questions go unanswered so is anybody REMOTELY familiar with the area where Villa Melones is (Melones Point)? Have they driven by the home? Is it far from the center

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 29. Villa Melones Mali Medina    04-04-05 15:15
Can anyone here elaborate on this place? We're staying here in the summer and would like to know if anyone was familiar with the area, the house, or any information. How far is it from the center of t

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 30. From Culebra guesthouses to the price of beer Judes    02-13-05 04:30
I just spent the whole evening reading up on Culebras! There are so many fab reviews about this island alone that my heart is now set to visit as a last minute trip. (I'm in desperate need of R&R!)

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