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 1. Re: jet skiing on Culebra?? Linda H    02-06-13 23:41
I've known a few (very few) people who use a jet ski in a responsible manner, and Lonnie, you may be one of those folks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on jet skis seem to be young males b

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 2. Re: Trip to Culebra in June Linda H    11-04-10 08:52
The island is small enough that you are never that far from town or most beaches if you have a car. We have stayed in vacation homes about a mile or so from town (different neighborhoods each time) b

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 3. Re: turtle nesting??? palmettoculebra    02-18-10 14:38
Good afternoon, The turtles have dug some nests as there are clearly marked off spots on a couple of beaches (Flamenco/Zoni last I noticed). However, you have to be very lucky & in the right pla

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 4. turtle nesting??? Josh    02-18-10 09:08
My wife and I arrive in Culebra on Monday (Feb 22). Any tips on where to see turtles or turtles nesting? Are there any experts on the island who run nature walks to see these? thanks!

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 5. Re: Planning my first trip to Culebra Lawrence D.    02-10-10 17:11
Daniel, You are halfway there!! As for 100.00 a night, here you get what you pay for. I recommend Bahia Marina at 178.00 a night but it’s worth it. Great Views, great rooms with kitchens an

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 6. Turtles Nest - Reviews?? steve e    08-31-09 20:43
going to be on the isalnd sept,25 for 3 days,,has anyone ever stayed at the turtles nest????is it a quite place,and how far is it to town??thanks, s.e.

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 7. Sea Turtles Q    03-15-09 12:10
We'll be in Culebra this April, during sea turtle hatching season. So I'm wondering if there's any volunteering opportunity / sea turtle hatching eco tour during this period. Also wonder if it'll be

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 8. weather Linda H    01-09-09 23:50
Culebra looks like a place we would really enjoy, and we are thinking about visiting in late March-early April. Is it rainy that time of year? How about the mosquitoes? We live in Michigan and are

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 9. Re: How bout the turtles? richard    08-07-08 15:35
cool Mort. DeGenester: there are groups that have led overnight vigils during egg-laying (and I think hatching) seasons to document the results, always sounded kind of cool if you're into

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 10. Re: turtle watch Jeannie G3    05-15-08 23:15
Nesting season for the Leatherback turtle begins in February and continues through July. Hatching may begin as early as April and continues through September. During each nesting season a female may l

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 11. Re: Turtle-watching Galina    03-13-08 17:40
Thanks a lot for your advice, MJ! Did you mean that it's possible to see turtles in day time? I read (just like Richard is saying) that they come out to lay eggs at night. If this is the

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 12. Re: Turtle Nesting MJ    05-06-07 07:33
He takes people *groups* to watch and learn about the turtles.

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 13. Re: Turtle Nesting R. Emmett    05-05-07 19:33
What are the 'turtle groups' in last post? Speaking of turtles, I stood with others to watch several turtles (don't know what kind) swimming near rocks beyond white beach in Feb. How pri

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 14. Re: Turtle Nesting MJ    05-03-07 07:15
Plastic shopping bags, six pack can holders, balloons, styrofoam (think coolers that break apart, swim toys, food containers), ANY plastic can look like food in the water and have deadly consequences.

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 15. Re: Turtle Nesting R. Emmett    05-02-07 08:58
Have there been any instances you've heard about on Culebra of turtles eating plastic shopping bags? A recent NPR piece about loggerhead turtles mistaking bags for jellyfish was airedand so Mobury UK

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 16. Turtle Nesting cari    04-26-07 08:07
Hello! I've been living in Culebra for the past 9 months and was wondering if anyone can give me a little info on Turtle Nesting excursions. I homeschool my children, and would really like to take t

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 17. Re: camping and diving Kathleen Zuelsdorff    04-19-07 16:35
We did some hiking when my husband and I were there last week. We hiked up the road to the top of Mt. REsaca and then down to Playa Resaca . On the road near the mountain top we saw a large 2-3 foot

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 18. Re: Turtles Nest Gary Catherwood    03-26-07 23:54
Thank you!

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 19. Re: Turtles Nest Paco    03-25-07 06:23
I think Gary was talking about the this Turtle's Nest As far as I know, nesting season is basically done for Leatherbacks on Culebra. On the other h

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 20. Re: Turtles Nest Norm Marowitz    03-24-07 13:37
Does anyone know where to view the turtles nesting around the third week in April?

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 21. Turtles Nest Gary Catherwood    03-18-07 16:46
Can anyone tell me something about Turtles Nest? I would like to stay there in December. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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 22. Turtles, Camping and Thanks KC Bess    02-27-07 18:07
Hey I just wanted to say thanks for all the great info that I have been able to find in this forum. We will be there in mid march and were just wondering about turtles (are they nesting

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 23. Re: Casablanca Condo Sue Smith    11-07-06 12:06
I haven't stayed at Casablanca Condo, but at one in the same building. That one is called Turtles Nest. The whole building was very clean! Nice landscaping and centrally located, although we had a

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 24. Turtles/ English vs. Spanish issues Briana Sprecher-Kinneer    04-15-06 17:25
Hi there. My husband and I are planning on visiting Culebra April 29-May 2. I've read lots of things on websites about volunteering with the Department of Natural Resources to watch for nesting tu

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 25. Re: Turtles in May Gary Eichelberger    04-11-06 18:59
we did the turtle watch during May and it was great. hatching tends to be later in season I think. nesting is a great experience too.

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 26. Turtles in May erin boden    04-08-06 15:31
I'll be traveling to PR in mid-May and am planning on going to Culebra for at least a day while we're there. I read that the turtle nesting season is in April. But I was wondering what will be going o

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 27. Re: Turtle volunteering teresa tallevast    03-12-06 05:56
and i was just now told that, as of a while back, all of the available volunteer spaces are already taken. if that is true then i will ask their permission to say that in the voicemail message. in

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 28. turtle nest inn Jennifer Lowery    02-20-06 10:30
Me and my fiance are planning a honeymoon to Culebra, and are considering renting a room at the Turtles Nest. I've read through some of the threads on this forum and have noticed that some people hav

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 29. Re: Places to Stay Terry and Wade    01-21-06 09:12
Hello John and Susan, Casablanca 6 and Turtles Nest (#3) are two different places. We are the owners of Turtles Nest (#3), They are both part of the same 8 u

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 30. Re: Places to Stay Susan Morris    01-20-06 23:25
I am pretty sure you can book Melones and Casablanca (Turtles Nest?) through Culebra Vacation Planners. Their web site is and put Culebra in City, then click on Cule

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