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 1. Camping Reservation William Debonnaire    11-25-19 13:08
Hello, I tried to call the numbers on the website but it seems the numbers are not in service anymore. I would like to make a reservation of 1 spot where we could set up 2

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 2. Krusty Krab Nick & Michelle    04-17-19 08:24
Krusty Krab is now in a new spot downtown past the post office. We were so glad to see that they have a physical space because it was a pain driving up to last year's food truck. Fresh Seafood was act

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 3. Re: Pets-Flamenco Beach rays in the sun    06-12-18 18:20
Saw lots of dogs on Flamenco. There is no shade. Felt sorry for some of the bigger dark dogs digger into the sand for a cool spot.

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 4. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 5. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Atakorn    10-12-17 07:47
URL to the photos? I'm very curious to see the conditions in Culebra, my absolute favorite vacation spot. :( .

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 6. Re: Cell and Wifi speeds Michelle Plaia    05-09-17 13:09
Wifi is pretty good most places. I don't know how to do a speed test. If you tell me how, I'm happy to do one at my house as well as at several of my rental homes. Verizon really only wor

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 7. Cell and Wifi speeds Scott Iverson    04-29-17 09:02
Considering a week or two on Culebra ... a research vacation in advance of possible retirement in a few years. (We are Midwest rural folks for whom the comparative simplicity of Culebra is attractive.

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 8. Re: Cell Service Playa Flamenco Specialk    02-10-17 10:02
You should be able to find some spots that have coverage at Flamenco. It just may take a bit of effort (At least it did when we were there late last year). Cell coverage is good all throughout town,

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 9. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 10. Re: Boqueron visit Specialk    04-19-16 07:42
Cabo Rojo is beautiful. Not a whole lot to do down there, but it is a relaxing atmosphere. Playa Sucia is a great little spot near the lighthouse. It's no Culebra, but it is nice.

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 11. Re: Online Ferry Tickets Guarantee? Michael    03-11-16 09:33
If you got a confirmation (the second email from, NOT the first) you are indeed guaranteed a spot!

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 12. Ferry and lodging Karin V    02-03-16 13:10
Hello! Planning a trip in April for 3 nights. Is the ferry really as bad as it sounds? We are coming from Gran Melia Hotel, so would have to taxi to the ferry. If I buy tickets onlin

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 13. Confused SOPHIE    12-31-15 22:27
Hello, I am about to buy some tickets from this website but am confused on the part of actually getting the tickets. Will the tickets run out? I have been to Culebra once before and boug

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 14. Re: 3 months lodging needed Specialk    09-17-15 11:12
Will - You'll have no problems working with your cell phone as a hotspot on most parts of the island.

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 15. Seasonal Restaurant Closures Chris C.    08-18-15 20:32
Hi all -- I'm happy to say I'll be making my 4th trip to Culebra in the last week of September and first week of October. Would anybody be able to tell me if Dinghy Dock and Zaco's are go

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 16. Re: Spearfishing for Lionfish Darrell    05-18-15 15:57
Hey all I've been living in Culebra for about 7 mos now. I probably spear fish at least once, if not twice, a week. I've seen one lion fish. What am I doing wrong?!?! Lol. I like Soldado bu

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 17. Kayaking on Culebra Matt L    04-12-15 21:39
Hello, I'm hoping to get some information about the best places to kayak on Culebra. I'm looking for a peaceful area with calm water, the opportunity for bird watching and hopefully the

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 18. Travel Guide? Matt L    03-19-15 10:54
Hello, I'm planning my first trip to Culebra and am wondering if anyone can recommend a travel guide (either a stand alone guide or a general Puerto Rico guide that has a good section on

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 19. Lost Camera - Help! 2/5/15 Cathy Register    02-19-15 11:38
Help! I was visiting the island from Maine and lost my black, Sony Cyber Shot, point and shoot digital camera on the way from the Carlos Rental spot to Tamarindo Beach or Flamenco Beach. I believe it

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 20. Re: n,y,Times john vigliotti    11-14-14 18:41
Mike, the article was spot-on about the beautiful island and the beaches and activities . Selfishly they could not convey the joy and pleasure of the people, hospitality, and complete relaxation that

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 21. NY Times Travel Section Article john vigliotti    11-12-14 16:31
Culebra made the Travel Section last sunday. Full page article. It was NOT spot on so iam happy about that. Be their in March at the dingy dock. see ya mike at your spot.

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 22. Owner of houseboat moored in Ensenada Dakity? Justatraveler    09-21-14 19:50
Hello! We spotted a fairly ugly purple houseboat moored in Ensenada Dakity recently and we were wondering if anyone knows who the owner is and whether the boat is being used? We are think

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 23. Re: What to do in Culebra John W.    07-14-14 10:50
This was a list I put together a few years ago with a few modifications - things dont change too much (thank goodness!) Top things to do: a. Visit Flamenco Beach and Zoni be

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 24. Bodyboarding on Culebra Wanda    07-10-14 17:37
I'm interested in knowing if there are any spots to Bodyboard at in Culebra? I'm a beginner and I've heard there's a spot on Brava Beach. I would appreciate any info. thanks!

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 25. Re: Sunken tugboat WILT POWER Drew    03-11-14 09:42
Here are Culebra scuba spots including the tugboat: There is a nice map too.

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 26. Re: Culebrita lauraadventureseeker    03-05-14 13:41
Hello Brandon, I went to Culebrita Island on Captain Sebastian's boat. I met 2 other campers who was also camping on Flamenco Beach, we went to Culebrita in Nov 2013, and during that tim

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 27. Re: Publicos between SJU, Fajardo. culebra info    02-25-14 17:09
If you need a a reliable P├║blico driver from San Juan to Fajardo, you might want to call Cesar Augusto - tell me I sent you (Alicia from "The Spot" bar in Culebra). His prices are better than most a

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 28. Re: Playa Brava Linda H    02-08-14 19:03
If you search this forum including posts that go back over the last year or two you will find several posts that describe what you will see and how to get to various snorkeling spots. In addition to

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 29. Re: Playa Brava Drew    02-07-14 08:48
Generally speaking, the north facing beaches aren't snorkeling spots. Zoni has some down to the right and out a bit, we've seen octopus and rays there. At Brava and Resaca they recommend not swimmin

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 30. Re: Playa Manzanilla Drew    02-06-14 10:53
Hi Michael, Yes! If you look at google maps, it calls that spot Playa Manzanilla. I'd never heard that either. I often hike from the main road to the road up above that spot, but have

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