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 1. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 2. Is Seafood Paradise Truck Still In Business? Nick & Michelle    02-10-17 17:24
Last year we had awesome meals at the Seafood Paradise truck, located in the small shipyard near Susie's old restaurant location and around the corner from Milka's market. Is it still there and in bus

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 3. Re: Seafood Paradise Fish Truck Nick & Michelle    04-04-16 16:20
Sorry, we forgot the location. It is in the small shipyard around the corner from Milka's and across from where Susie's old location was. We will try to get a phone no. and email address next time we

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 4. Re: Week in Culebra!!! Kelly Strasburger    01-26-16 13:22
Dear Michael Noel, Will definitely check out Susie's. We have a kitchen and plan on preparing some meals at our accommodations but look forward to trying different local food options

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 5. Re: Week in Culebra!!! michael noel    01-24-16 17:30
Hi Kelly we were there in December, Capt Sebastian took us to Culebrita, awesome trip. Bug spray is good to have but we were in the water most of the day and didn't use much. You should check o

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 6. Re: Need Update On Restaurant Hours Nick & Michelle    03-31-13 20:13
We just found out that Susie's, Zacos Tacos and Homeless Dog Cafe are all closed on Mondays & Tuesdays this year. Hope that help others who are trying to plan.

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 7. Need Update On Restaurant Hours Nick & Michelle    03-24-13 15:33
Hi, We are very excited and are on our final countdown arrangements. We typically make our restaurant planning and selected reservations for before going down. However, we need a few updates on

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 8. Re: fishing gear shawke    12-18-12 17:36
Are you meat fishing or sport fishing? Meat fishing- In Dewey go across the bridge, turn right and go to the hardware store next to Susie's. Buy the rigs locals use. It's a spool shaped like a doug

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 9. Re: getting to culebra JeffandMary    11-13-12 10:35
Yes, I concur. By the time you get to Fajardo by taxi, wait in line for ferry tickets, and arrive in time for dinner at Susie's, you could be having drinks at the Dingy Dock for lunch if you fly.

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 10. Re: Who's open Culebra MJ    11-11-12 13:28
Susie's will be open after T day. Dinghy Dock is closed until mid-december. Zaco's is open, Neil and Wanda's kiosko at Flamenco is open with Steve bartending, pizza place I think? Blue at the Spot is

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 11. Re: Who's open bosie    11-09-12 09:23
Do you mean Susie's? She will be open as well as Dinghy Dock.

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 12. currently open restaurants milton medina    11-05-12 13:40
Heard mamacita's is closed for renovations. Also that dinghy dock and susie's are closed. Heard Eden is open. I'll be there this week and wanted to know what restaurants in town are open. I ass

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 13. Re: Where to rent scuba gear ? Vicki moore    10-09-12 23:31
Is Mini Mas the place you tried to rent gear? Next to Susie's and down from Milka? I rented a tank from them last summer.

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 14. Re: spending money Doug    08-28-12 09:09
-Jerry's Jeep rental - $45-50/day -Susie's Dinner and cocktail - $35 plus tip pp -Zaco's Tacos - $20 pp -Flamenco Kiosko wrap- $6 -Panadaria breakfast sandwich - $5 -Bo

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 15. Re: staying in town vs the beaches Linda H    08-09-12 01:01
While the best views are certainly on the hills by Zoni, etc., there are places near town that have relatively nice views. Check the location of the various rental properties -- if you are up on a hi

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 16. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 17. Re: Dining kay torres    03-18-12 11:33
I HIGHLY recommend Susie's. BEST meal we had on the island. Barbara Rosa's was good, cheap(BYOB), and an experience also!

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 18. Re: Dining Debbie    03-15-12 21:03
Tina's is now called El Caobo. Also, Susie's and Dinghy Dock.

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 19. Re: suggestion needed Linda H    03-08-12 10:45
An example of close to town would be the Punta Aloe area -- we stayed at Casa Culebra our second trip. We could walk or bike to Susie's, Dinghy Dock, Milka's etc. easily, but we were far enough from

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 20. Re: 1st Culebra trip....HELP! Linda H    09-03-11 13:36
I think VAL flies out of both SJU and Isla Grande. Check your itinerary to see where your flight departs from -- SJU or SIG. Isla Grande requires a short cab ride from SJU. I have not b

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 21. Re: Gas Station Hours Vicki moore    08-23-11 22:02
They are open 7 days a week, that is when they have gas. We were there in June/July and they were out from Sunday until Wed afternoon. I am not sure when they close, but I believe they open at 10. We

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 22. Re: Holy Week Question Linda H    08-22-11 00:41
We were there during Holy Week in 2010, leaving on Good Friday on the first ferry out of Culebra. It was busier and more crowded on the island than the previous year, but nothing like many Carribean

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 23. Re: Susie's massage wendy hartung    08-04-11 14:04
Thanks so much Debbie!!!! You ROCK!!!! :)

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 24. Re: Susie's massage Debbie    08-02-11 18:03
I think you're looking for Susan Russ Massage...407-301-5115

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 25. Re: Susie's massage Geronimo    08-02-11 11:02
I saw a masuse working at Bahia Marina on the weekends. They also had a band playing at the pool. It's at the lower pool. Was very nice.

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 26. Susie's massage wendy hartung    08-02-11 09:15
Anyone know if Susie still gives massages and an email or phone # for her??? Thanks:)

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 27. Re: Shore Diving tank rentals Debbie    01-14-11 15:10
Mini Mas is next to Susie's restaurant past Milka's grocery store near the defunct Gulf Station. You can also rent tanks from Culebra Divers right at the ferry dock.

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 28. Re: Places to eat in Culebra bosie    12-07-10 10:27
Plenty of fish to be had in the restaurants. Had grouper at Bahia Marina, mahi mahi at Dinghy Dock, and fried snapper at Mamacitas, all under $20. Also try Susie's, check her menu on her website.

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 29. Re: Nightlife Debbie    08-13-10 08:18
Geronimo - that's the best description ever! Ryan - some places do close in October. To my knowledge, Dinghy Dock is not usually closed, but the Mamacitas owners do take an extended vaca

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 30. Re: Must Eats! beachbound    04-19-10 14:50
Tostones (fried plaintains) Mamposteado (rice with sausage--Good!) Pinchos at Flamenco Breakfast at Mamacita's (Fri., Sat. & Sun. only, I believe) Rice & beans (anywhere--of co

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