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 1. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 2. Re: library Michael Spier    04-06-09 16:29
I don't know about the library but Paradise gift shop has a room in the back with lots of books you can take. I'll often mail a box of paperbacks to myself and then leave them there when I finish them

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 3. Trip Report - 'twas sweet! Chris AK    01-13-09 19:21
I used this forum a lot to know how to plan for this trip. I wanted to let everyone in the forum know how my trip to Culebra went… So here goes. My trip was a budget trip… I left the

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 4. Re: Turtle Nesting MJ    05-05-07 13:17
Gee, thanks, Ruth! I try to have fun with what I get (hey, if I'm not having fun, why should it be fun for anyone else?) attitude I usually have about life, but for a store, I picked up a lot of

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 5. Re: LOST... MJ    03-12-07 06:34
Do you remember the name of the shop? Was it Paradise Gift Shop? If so, you can call at 787 742 3569 and ask. Did you call the airport?? 787 742 0022. Good luck!

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 6. Re: Where should I stay MJ    02-21-07 05:26
There are a number of places around to pick up reading material. Paradise Gift Shop has a book room, On Island has books, Culebra Beach House and Butiki both have space dedicated to books, and I'm pro

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 7. Re: Fishing in Culebra MJ Stark    07-06-06 07:07
Ann (Paradise Gift Shop) and I (Island Woman cart) sell lures made by Chris if anyone wants to get some of them.

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 8. Re: mosquito incense Debbie    02-23-06 19:52
No, I don't remember what it was called, but I bought it at On-Island (next to Culebra Divers), and I also saw it at Paradise Gift Shop (on the street where Etcetera used to be; across from Hotel Puer

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 9. Re: used book store Jean K. Rosselit    01-23-06 10:49
Found books for free at gift shop next to dingy dock, and at Paradise, a gift shop in town. Jean PS Often closed for siesta anytime between 12 and 3p, varies depending on what store and the day!! Go

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 10. Re: Caribbean Home Ownership Book Ann Keegan    07-22-05 12:53
Kevin, I have John's book for sale at Paradise Gift Shop. If you're on the island stop by, if not call the store at 787-742-3569 and we'll mail you one. Ann

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 11. buy my book:84 color pics of the real culebra Julie Cahn    11-01-04 22:53
I am having a love affair with Culebra and after 7 visits in the last 4 years I have finally completed a photo essay of the unique and beautiful island. It is called "The Colors of Culebra" and will b

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 12. Trip Report Diane    01-04-04 20:59
Trip Report We were on Culebra Dec. 23-30th. Arriving from Minnesota in San Juan on the 22nd, we rented an Avis van and headed to the beautiful rain forest, El Yungue. We stayed overnight at

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