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 1. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 2. Re: Mamacita's Guest House - I hope I haven't made a mistake! Doug    05-17-12 12:37
The canal side won't be quiet until the bar/restaurant closes at night. It's a happy noise but a noise, nonetheless.

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 3. Re: Nightlife Ryan Moats    08-12-10 11:39
Haha, understood. By "nightlife" I guess I meant places to enjoy a few (or more) cervezas after dinner... I have read that Mamacita's and possibly several other restaurants/bars in town are closed dur

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 4. Re: Town or Away from Town? Jeannie G3    09-10-09 10:39
Hola! It really depends on how much you want to pay and what are your lodging tastes. There is lodging of all kinds: big small, simple bare bones and spacious with kitchens and other amenities. There

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 5. Re: Casita La Perlita Rob Breeden    05-06-09 15:18
For food, there is a grocery store right in town and a smaller one near the bridge in town. All meats are frozen since everything comes in on a can usually find fresh fish near the gas s

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 6. Re: culebra 1st time Cindy Nelson    11-06-08 22:07
Robyn, nightlife in Culebra is what you make, things can get really jumping at Mamacita's though! As for the long hike, the rainforest is a beautiful place and worth the long hike, definitely! You m

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 7. Re: culebra 1st time Mort    11-06-08 09:03
You won't be able to bring your rental car to Culebra. Not only is it likely prohibited by the rental car company but you have only a small chance of success on the cargo ferry. You can r

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 8. Trip Report Donna Mills    07-10-07 22:19
Hello All! I will try to be brief and not bore you all. First of all, WE LOVE CULEBRA!! Flamenco Beach is just beautiful, the sand feels like flour. Zoni is also just as beautiful, breath-taking, rea

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 9. Just back from Culebra Diana Feinstein    02-25-07 10:56
My boyfriend and I just got back from our first trip to Culebra. We loved it, and because this website was so helpful for us, I thought I'd return the favor and put my two-sense in. F

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 10. Re: Culebra Now and Then Doug    01-23-07 16:44
Michelle, the island has changed in many ways since my first trip in 1995. If you fly, the first thing you will notice is the new terminal at the aeropuerto. The good news is, they left

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 11. Re: Aquatic Adventures Amy L. Sanders    08-24-06 12:11
Hi island vacation girl :) Glad my info helped. If you all are around on Saturday evening you must go to Mamacita's Bar & Restaurant for a great musical experience. have fun. -a

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 12. Wonderful Culebra Martin Zell    04-14-06 22:16
My girlfriend and I spent the first week in April in Culebra and because this forum was so helpful prior to our going, I feel an obligation to post our experiences. I could go on and on so i'll just

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 13. Re: prices at restaurants Lori Symmonds    03-20-06 09:00
Dinghy Dock has 'island time' service, but the people are really nice and there wasn't a wait for lunch when we were there. I don't mind waiting when I'm sitting by the water and there are these won

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 14. prices at restaurants Caroline Z    03-12-06 09:28
Would anyone be kind enough to list average prices of meals at: Juanita Bananas, Mamacita's, Barbara Rosa's, and Dinghy Dock? Thanks, Caroline

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 15. Just back from Culebra! Jen    03-07-06 14:12
[WARNING: Long post ahead!] We just returned to NYC after 4 wonderful days on Culebra. After a couple days in San Juan, we flew Air Flamenco from Isla Grande ($50/person), great views fro

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 16. Re: Day Trips to Dakity john smits    12-23-05 12:13
The North Americans that I have come to know who visit Vieques and Culebra on a regular basis (snowbirds like me) are anti-war types (generally). We seek escape not only fr

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 17. Re: Yummy food places Terry and Wade    12-15-05 13:14
Hello Danielle, The area near the Ferry dock is the main area for New Years Eve. Mamacita's is very close to there. Our favorite place to eat is the Dinghy Dock. People hav

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 18. Re: Culebra Restaurants JM    01-25-05 18:21
If you want a fabulous upscale meal go to Juanita Bananas. It's a little more expensive than the other places but well worth it. You have to bring your wine however. You can pick up a bottle at a co

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 19. Trip report Sujana    01-14-05 18:48
Hi, we recently got back from our trip. We were only on Culebra three days, wish we could have stayed longer. We rented a vehicle from Jerry's Jeeps, and I have to say that, besides having a good re

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 20. Need advice, visiting in December Zane Cofield    09-27-04 06:42
Hello! We sure could use some help. We're visiting Culebra from Dec. 22-29, and need a little information, and any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. What

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 21. Re: Mamacitas Bar - New Management roger    09-26-04 12:16
I am going to Culebra in December. I will be staying at Mamacita's for the 3rd year in a row. I've always enjoyed staying there and have always thought the restaurant was quite good. If it gets even b

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 22. Re: Mamacita's Experience Carlos    04-28-03 09:19
I'm sorry Juan, but Itzander said the true. Mamacita's is a good place for party at of the best of Culebra( the other one is EL BATEY ). I was at Culebra last weekend looking for some f

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