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 1. Re: gift shops Michael    03-02-14 05:59
Rebecca, I changed the name to 'Island Boutique'!

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 2. Re: gift shops Connell    03-01-14 13:43
Hi Michael. My name is Rebecca and since we lost KIM in 2012 I have taken over the Gift Shop formerly known as On Island. The store is now called ISLAND BOUTIQUE. I believe you hav

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 3. Art Boutique Alyssa Blumstein    03-23-07 02:05
I'm desperately trying to remember the name of an art boutique in town I visited a few years ago. The artist and owner was a young woman. She made lovely necklaces with the latitude and longitude of

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 4. Re: gift shops A    03-17-07 20:20
I know it as On Island but it may very well be On Island Boutique - you might want to ask the owner, Kim. However, be that as it may, my point was that they were not mentioned. Does having a website

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 5. Re: gift shops Michael    03-17-07 12:10
Alicia, it is named On Island Boutique - is that the wrong name? I had taken them out, when their website was not there anymore. ( Is their phone number correct?

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 6. Recommendations! Debra    03-26-03 08:16
Hello! We've just returned to Atlanta from spending a week on Isle Culebra and wanted to share our experience since this board was very helpful prior to our visit! Flying int

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