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 1. Re: Any Info On Jacki Sea's? fred elliott    04-10-18 18:35
I've eaten at Jacki's Jaki Sea's offers healthy food. She even cooked me off menue oatmeal. You can get vegetarian and non veg food there. She was closed on Mondays if I remember

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 2. Discount for forum readers! Michael    06-02-16 02:24
Hey all! Hotel Kokomo is promoting a 5% discount if you book on their site! Enter the code '5percent' at checkout!

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 3. Re: parking at hotel kokomo Michael    11-23-15 02:48
not really, but you can find it

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 4. parking at hotel kokomo Edward    11-21-15 11:04
we will be renting a car and need to know if there is parking near the hotel kokomo

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 5. Re: Bedbugs at Hotel Kokomo Cap'n Wacky    09-18-15 05:54
Another culprit may be ants. When i was there in june I got ravaged by them.

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 6. Re: Bedbugs at Hotel Kokomo Michael    09-16-15 09:21
bedbugs bite in rows NOT polka dots!! I have seen people flown out of Culebra becasue they were scratching the noseeum bites to a state that they needed emergency treatment ..

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 7. Re: Bedbugs at Hotel Kokomo Thomas Lowell    09-16-15 05:48
Being fair skinned and not having any immunities from noseeums when I first visited Culebra in 2006, I had polka dots also. But I was bitten by noseeums. After 9 years of being bitten and build

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 8. Re: Bedbugs at Hotel Kokomo Cindy Golbert    09-14-15 11:14
I met Leticia at Dingy Dock and saw her legs...definitely not Mimes (Noseeums). these were big round bites...she looked like she was wearing polka dot stockings.

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 9. Re: Bedbugs at Hotel Kokomo Michael    09-10-15 06:31
Please, post a photo. These are serious allegations ... Thomas might be right. NoSeeUms are most likely the culprit - especially if you have bites all over your body! Were you outside during dusk?

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 10. Re: Bedbugs at Hotel Kokomo Thomas Lowell    09-09-15 08:18
My research on the internet indicates bed bugs leave bloodstains and droppings on the sheets. Did your sheets have these indicators? Another possibility is noseeums...biting gnats

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 11. Bedbugs at Hotel Kokomo Leticia    09-07-15 13:17
If you are considering Hotel Kokomo, be aware that Bedbugs live there. My legs, arms, shoulder, chest and the left cheek on my face got bitten and my legs looked like I had blood blisters. The burnin

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 12. staying in Fajardo after Culebra tjay belt    02-16-15 11:26
We will spend 7 days on culebra in June. Just booked our flights and got hotel kokomo booked for half the trip. Still need to book a place to sleep near flamenco... After the week, we thought we

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 13. Stay away from Club Seabourne upflore1    03-18-12 01:14
We reserved the deluxe room, and instead were given the "family room" at check-in, with the need to switch to the Deluxe room on the last day of our stay. When I asked why my room had been double book

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 14. visiting culebra in september Pärtel Niitaru    07-11-10 08:39
Me and my girlfriend are thinking of visiting the island for a couple of days in the beginning september. We don't have a lot to spend on the accomodation so we are looking for a more affordable place

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 15. Re: Affordable price. Vicki moore    05-25-10 00:02
Try Hotel Kokomo or the local hostel.

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 16. Re: Breakfast in Culebra Tate Kauffman    02-15-10 08:41
Pandeli is good, but if you want a change of menu/scenery, the place across from the airport (I don't recall the name) is a good breakfast spot as well. Also, don't overlook the empanadas sold just d

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 17. Breakfast in Culebra Philipp Gurzeler    02-08-10 04:46
Hello everybody First of all, it's great to have a discussion forum here! me and my girlfriend will visit culebra for 10 days. We'll stay in the hotel kokomo right next t

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 18. Re: Hotel Kokomo Rob Breeden    10-29-09 21:09
Hi there.....the only thing I know is that Hotel Kokomo is under new management recently and after viewing the pictures for Hotel Kokomo this year versus six (6) years back, the new management has mad

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 19. Re: Hotel Kokomo Jeannie G3    10-29-09 19:37
Hola! I have read reports on this website about Kokomo and they are all over the place. The last that was said was that the owner was renovating but there has not been any recent postings about any gu

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 20. Re: Hotel Kokomo Chris H    10-29-09 10:38
I always stay at the Palmetto Guesthouse, its affordable, very clean and has A/C. I've noticed that alot of the other places don't have A/C and aren't very clean. The owners are also very fri

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 21. Hotel Kokomo Cristina Sara Leggy    10-28-09 16:44
Anyone have some recent reports on Hotel Kokomo. I need to find an inexpensive place for my son for a week, but have read some reports that the place is not all that clean. Anybody been there recent

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 22. How to make a cancellation xaymara    07-18-09 10:58
Hello everyone, im asking for help, i need to make a cancellation for a reservation that i made for Hotel kokomo and i dont know how to do it, ive been calling and calling to some of the numbers that

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 23. Re: Hotel Kokomo Michael    06-05-09 04:38
ah - thanks for the tip :)

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 24. Re: Hotel Kokomo Culebra MJ    06-02-09 20:48
pssst, Michael...we are old...that's why we TAKE iron.

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 25. Re: Hotel Kokomo Michael    06-02-09 13:17
Noise mostly depends on whether you are facing the front or the back. Either way, the location is ideal for a ferry arrival or departure! Trying to make the early morning ferry from, let's say Flamenc

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 26. Re: Hotel Kokomo Culebra MJ    05-30-09 17:01
I don't know what happens in the plaza on Sundays; I'm working! and I miss a lot of good stuff that way too. Gotta figure out how to fix that. Email or call them and ask is what I'd sugge

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 27. Re: Hotel Kokomo Arroz    05-28-09 21:43
I have never stayed at Kokomo either but I am pretty sure that it is noisy on weekends, particularly on Sunday when music is played in the square all day (is that still going on MJ?)

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 28. Re: Hotel Kokomo Debbie    05-27-09 21:43
July is extremely busy. Whatever you decide (I've no opinion or knowledge of Kokomo), make reservations early.

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 29. Hotel Kokomo yatesbeth    05-26-09 17:16
Hi--I've seen some mixed reviews here--some from the past--about Hotel Kokomo. I am just looking for a bed--no frills--but I have heard negative things regarding bugs/ants/fleas at Kokomo. I'd be look

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 30. Re: First timer Tricia    05-26-09 10:18
Hotel Kokomo is located right across the street from the Ferry Dock..It has simple accomodations and you should have no problem getting a reservation for one night. I know you can rent bikes

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