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 1. Info about Chuck from Chuck's (now Heather's) Pizza Fred K    05-04-16 06:29
Does anyone remember Chuck's last name? He left the island around 1996 or so for Florida. He gave me his new address and phone number but I lost it. He was good friends with my brother who pa

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 2. Re: Who's open Geronimo    12-02-12 12:35
I just returned. D Dock and Moma C's are closed. Heather's Pizza is open.

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 3. Re: October Travel James C. Williams    11-15-11 16:21
I want to thank all who sent great info about Culebra. We had a FABULOUS time!!! As I mentioned elsewhere, the flight to Culebra was breathtaking (in a VERY good way). We were approaching the island a

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 4. Re: Places to eat in Culebra Darrin Dickerson    12-03-10 16:58
Vacationing to an island and don't like seafood!?!? Maybe switch the trip to Texas. Great Steaks there! Seriously, there is chicken any place you want to go. Mamacita's has a good varie

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 5. Re: Must Eats! beachbound    04-19-10 14:50
Tostones (fried plaintains) Mamposteado (rice with sausage--Good!) Pinchos at Flamenco Breakfast at Mamacita's (Fri., Sat. & Sun. only, I believe) Rice & beans (anywhere--of co

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 6. Re: Casita La Perlita Doug    05-09-09 12:49
I'll give Rob a little help on his recommendations to help avoid confusion. The bakery (panaderia) near the airport is called El Patio, not Milka. Great sandwiches made on a panini press, pastries a

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 7. Re: Shopping CindyT    04-13-09 14:39
Susan, I found this type of business-practice common on my visit to Culebra last week, April 3 through 10. 1. Publico drivers: The publico drivers consistently said round dri

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 8. Re: surfboard rentals surfing Culebra Debbie    03-31-09 18:47
Ask at Heather's (the local pizza place) if someone can get you in touch with Nestor Romero. He might share (ideas, not his board). I don't believe you can rent a surfboard anywhere on island. Boog

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 9. Re: Daily Costs for food? Megan Duplantis    02-09-09 16:04
I think it depends where you live right now. I find comparing it to the prices we pay at home for groceries we pay less in Culebra. Some items are about what we pay here in Montreal. There are seve

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 10. Re: Where is the Catholic Church? Debbie    12-01-08 15:09
There is only one Catholic Church. It is right in town near the post office and Heather's Pizza. If you'll be out on Saturday night, just drop by to get the mass times.

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 11. Re: Culebra Places to Eat Frank    10-21-08 13:50
Always on my list when on Culebra: Susie's (always excellent) El Batey (lunch spot, best cheeseburgers) Barbara Rosa's (byob, great value for great food) Heather's (pizz

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 12. Re: FERRY UPDATE!!! MJ    03-21-08 16:39
It looks like tomorrow things *may* get back to what we call normal, which means we're not sure what will happen, especially as there is a backlog on people (and cargo) in and out. It's all about the

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 13. Re: Heather's Pizza Frank    11-29-07 15:51
If you are Sarah's dad, you should be very proud. Met her for the first time on Monday night. There is no greater testimony to a human being than their ability to make another smile. It appears she

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 14. Re: Heather's Pizza MJ    11-24-07 06:28
They had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with a lot of us who get together here for holiday dinners, Dad! A different sort of *family* get together, and a good time had by all.

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 15. Heather's Pizza Alex Hertzman, M.D.    11-23-07 21:40
Has anyone met two of my favorite people in the world? Harrison and Sara at Heather's Pizza....We missed them this year at thanksgiving in Maryland. Love, Dad.

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 16. Re: First time in Culebra (in the Caribbean for that matter!) Katin Daniels    11-01-07 22:51
We went to the *amazing* island of Culebra for our honeymoon- and I like to eat great food so here's where I found it (least expensive first) This review is really loooong!: The kio

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 17. Just Got Back... Tara    05-02-07 22:32
Hey Everyone, Just got back and can't say enough. Everything was more than I could have imagined but here's a few tidbits of info: 1) If your trying to get to Suzies ask for The Wo

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 18. Re: Culebra Now and Then Banana    01-29-07 23:08
Pizza place "Oasis" was owned by.... Javier and Heather Now know as "Heather's"

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 19. Re: Culebra Now and Then Michael    01-23-07 17:53
Pizza place was Oasis under Javier (Heather's ex)

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 20. Re: 3 Day Culebra Trip Review Debbie    10-10-06 19:56
Great report! Why didn't you eat at Mamacitas, Heather's Pizza or Barbara Rosa's? All are within walking distance of Casa Ensenada. . . just curious. (the other) Debbie :)

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 21. Re: Heather's Pizza Frank    05-31-06 14:26
True Story. The first time I visited Culebra in 1998, we were at Flamenco and around lunch time I volunteered to run to El Patio to get some delicious Cubanos sandwiches for the gang. Pu

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 22. Re: Heather's Pizza Jim W    05-31-06 12:12
I didn't expect "fast food," what I do expect is that if the wait is 90 minutes, they tell their customers 90 minutes instead of telling them 45. It's just common sense.

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 23. diving and trip report alexandre    05-25-06 22:56
Hello, my girlfriend and I spend 3 days in Culebra 2 weeks ago. It's important for us to write a report since this forum helped us to plan our trip. To get there, we flew with MN aviati

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 24. Re: Heather's Pizza Doug    05-23-06 15:31
As I remember, there was always a long wait, even with the prior owners. Here is a hint: Call in your order ahead of time or plan to sip a few cockktails while waiting. Either works for me. Folks it

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 25. Re: Heather's Pizza Jim W    05-23-06 11:56
I was down there May 8-13, and Heather's was open, but only on Friday/Saturday. We got a pizza on Friday, and it was good, but they did tell us 45 minutes, when it was actually over 90 minutes. I th

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 26. "Bushwacker" drink recipe? HeatherScotland    05-18-06 17:55
While on Culebra, I had a Bushwacker drink at several different places (Heather's Pizza, Mamacita's, Dinghy Dock), and they were all pretty good.... does anyone have a recipe used in any of these plac

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 27. Re: Heather's Pizza HeatherScotland    05-18-06 17:53
We were just there about a week ago, it was open Friday/Saturday nights.... the wait was 45 minutes for a pizza, and after 45 minutes, they said it would be another 15 minutes, so we got our money bac

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 28. Re: Heather's Pizza HeatherScotland    05-18-06 17:52
We were just there about a week ago, it was open Friday/Saturday nights.... the wait was 45 minutes for a pizza, and after 45 minutes, they said it would be another 15 minutes, so we got our money bac

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 29. Re: Heather's Pizza Doug    05-16-06 17:15
Debbie, I feel your pain. I'm currently out of work (hopefully soon to be remedied) so probably realistically looking at spring '07. Keep the Dead licks sharp, please! Doug

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 30. Re: Heather's Pizza Debbie    05-15-06 19:02
Doug, The only Dead music lately is all in my house here in Atlanta. We cannot, believe it or not, make time in our schedules to get down there anytime soon. It's killing me!

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