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 1. Dinghy/Small motor boat rental? Kevin Charos    06-29-20 17:45
Hello, I will be traveling to Culebra July 4-11 with 1 friend. Our trip will be spent diving, spearfishing, and relaxing. I am wondering if there's anybody or any businesses

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 2. trip report derek coats    06-19-18 11:22
Just returned from a week long stay on the island the second week of June. This was our third trip to the island and first since early 2016. We flew into the island via Vieques Air Link departing fr

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 3. Buying in Culebra? doug bowman    04-12-18 14:06
What's the market for buying a house on the bay/inlset that the dinghy dock looks out to...looks like the google maps terms it Ensenada Honda? Are any of those houses right on the water e

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 4. Re: Culebra after Irma and Maria minerva figueroa    03-15-18 01:13
We visited Luz at El Eden--it was as always delightful!! Most restaurants are operating. Dinghy Dock is till remodeling--it promises to be a wonderful event when they open for business.

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 5. Home from first trip to Culebra Cleveland Carl    03-13-18 15:00
My wife and I just returned from our first trip to Culebra and I wanted to thank the creator and participants of this blog for providing useful information to prepare us and to pass on how the island

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 6. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Michael    01-25-18 16:26
thanks for all the updates, Geronimo!

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 7. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Geronimo    01-25-18 13:33
DD update: the floor and walls are poured. No bar in place yet. Not sure how far along the new kitchen is since the area was roped off with folks working. My guess would be another month or so.

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 8. Culebra Updates please!!! Derek Levesque    01-20-18 16:06
We are planning a trip to Culebra in late February. Can anyone give an update on the status of Culebra as of January? Also know when Dinghy Dock and Flamenco will open up completely? Any updates are v

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 9. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Michael    01-08-18 22:57
I know- right?

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 10. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Geronimo    01-08-18 17:00
I'm heading back down next week and will report in my findings. I'm sure those tarpon are like "where's all the food these days?"

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 11. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Michael    01-07-18 09:37
what's their status?

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 12. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Geronimo    11-30-17 11:46
I stopped by last week and they had the whole deck area formed with steel and were stating to pour a new floor.

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 13. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Alissa    10-23-17 10:53
Yes, they are planning to rebuild the dock. Tentative plans are to reopen around the first of the new year. I believe that will be dependent on the resources of power and electric.

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 14. Re: Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Atakorn    10-12-17 07:47
URL to the photos? I'm very curious to see the conditions in Culebra, my absolute favorite vacation spot. :( .

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 15. Status of Dinghy Dock Bar Morris Aronoff    10-12-17 07:07
I saw a couple of photos of The Dinghy Dock after Maria, and they took a hard hit. Does anyone have information about when/if they are planning to rebuild?

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 16. Re: Cell and Wifi speeds Morris Aronoff    04-29-17 11:41
Hello- I also use Verizon Wireless. WiFi can be ify on Culebra. If you stay in or near town reception is better. I would highly recommend the apartment at the Dinghy Dock. You can view pictures and re

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 17. Re: Dinghy Dock Rental? Michael    11-11-16 05:44
Sorry for the late answer. They have their place on airBnB:

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 18. Re: Wedding Officiant...Food & Music Michael    10-18-16 02:04
If Olga is on island, she should be able to drop by Dinghy Dock and talk to Jean Francois (or any other of the 4 owners ..)

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 19. Re: Trouble Contacting The Dinghy Dock Michael    10-18-16 02:01
keep calling! when are you planning that dinner?

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 20. Trouble Contacting The Dinghy Dock Nikki    10-16-16 18:04
Hello everyone on Culebra! I a wondering if there is another way to contact the Dinghy Dock. We tried calling the number and emailing the address listed in the food and drink section, but have not h

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 21. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 22. Re: Pricing on Flamenco from SJU to Culebra Doug    04-26-16 12:37
Actually, quite a bit of Music happens on Culebra. Most Saturday nights a rumba band plays at the Dinghy Dock starting at 9 pm. Also, there is typically some folk rock type musi

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 23. Re: Week in Culebra!!! Kevin C    01-19-16 10:26
Bring dramamine for the ferry ride. Mosquitoes can be bad or not. Just depends on where you're at and what you're doing. If you want to charter a boat, it might not be a bad idea to start

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 24. Week in Culebra!!! Kelly Strasburger    01-18-16 14:12
Hi there!! First, I wanted to take a moment to compliment and thank you for the plethora of information you have provided not only on this site but the information I have found very useful i

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 25. Re: surfing on culebra? Doug    12-08-15 15:20
Normally the best swells are on the north to northeast coast. You can ask at the Dinghy Dock. The proprietor is a surfer and knows the secrets. Be SURE to check out the Fish and

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 26. Re: Last minute trip - HELP please :) Michael    12-02-15 04:04
camping is a good idea, if you have transportation. Publicos do run, but if you want to hang at Dinghy Dock (whihc is the second thing you should do), you might do so late and then need a taxi (same a

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 27. Re: Sailing options Michael    11-04-15 13:23
I suggest you go to Dinghy Dock on your first evening and see who arrives via dinghy. Those - or their friends - will be able to help you :). 'operators' change constantly and you are best served seei

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 28. Re: Looking for boat work Jan-March Michael    09-26-15 08:46
when there, go to Dinghy Dock and talk to some of the folks!

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 29. Dinghy Dock Rental? Morris Aronoff    08-31-15 13:57
This past winter I noticed that The Dinghy Dock was building an apartment next to the two shops. It was only partially completed, but looked really nice. Does anyone know if they finished construction

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 30. Re: 3 months lodging needed Michael    08-27-15 23:17
Will, you won't have shortage of paid work, when there. Check into the cheapest place you can find, as a tourist. When there, hang out at dinghy dock etc, ask around and look at places offered. I woul

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