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 31. Re: Traveling to Culebra- What's the best date? Jeannie G3    07-15-08 19:46
Hola! That's going to be a festive weekend. Friday, July 25 is El Dia de la Constitucion and Saturday, July 26 is Jose Celso Barbosa Day. Being the last of the summer holidays when everyone is off fro

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 32. Isla de Culebra Nautical Charts Joshua B.    02-29-08 14:05
I found the NOAA Nautical Chart On-Line Viewer and thought I would pass it on for you to look at. The main Catalog for the charts can be found here:

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 33. Re: pics from our trip Mort    02-15-08 08:33
Thanks, Doug and Ali! We sure did have a great time. It was really cool to sail around the small islands. The owner of the boat (a good friend) has been coming to Culebra for a few years

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 34. Re: I hate people who don't get Culebra! Monica Daisy    02-07-08 21:45
I've been to Culebra about 6 times and I love it! most of the times i've been sailing around the island and slept in the sailboat but other times i've stayed in the island. I know it's not perfect, I

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 35. Re: sailing Chuck Monroe    01-28-08 10:20
If you find any information about small sailboat rentals on Culebra, I'd love to know. My wife and I will be there February 6-13 and would love to sail to snorkel spots. Chuck

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 36. Sailing in Culebra Vicki moore    01-26-08 09:08
My 25 yo daughter would like to sail (no party boats and no catamarans) while we are on Culebra. Does anyone charter their boat for daily sailing. She would like to kick back and sail around the islan

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 37. Re: Culebrita jesse taylor koechling    12-09-07 01:56
My best time there came from meeting someone that sailed my girlfriend and I there at no cost. i wouldn't have gone there otherwise since i really couldn't have afforded it. but we were able to sail t

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 38. Re: Day charter from SJ to Culebra? MJ    10-16-07 12:26
That time of year your chances of problems with flying and getting back to your boat with that time frame are pretty dicey, in my opinion. A sail, even if you could find one, would take way too long a

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 39. Re: Camping on Flamenco in January and February R. Emmett    08-23-07 07:14
Thanks Richard, whew; rum hasn't been on my list of potable liquids for a while...I guess I've 'aged and experienced' away from it; reality is refreshing as is pure water. I've got my dusty stories o

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 40. Borinquen Sailors meet in Culebra Michael    08-06-07 07:16
Members of BRISA meet occasionally in Culebra, sailing over from Puerto Rico. I found an article describing the trip in Check out the whole article:

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 41. Re: Good or Bad? Michael    03-05-07 11:08
Well the sailing part is very similar. I do not know of any other place where there are people from 28' ers hanging out on 70' boats - as I have experienced and seen in Culebra many times.

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 42. Re: Good or Bad? Michael    03-04-07 20:16
Owlihoot, How does Culebra compare to St. Barth's in the 70's? From sailing buddies I hear it is somewhat similar with a different cultural premisse.

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 43. Re: Culebra Now and Then Michael    02-20-07 04:07
Progress is great. Think about living on an island where the cows were hauled out of the water without a dock from a sailing ferry that sometimes took all day to get to Culebra. Hence the

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 44. Re: Culebra Regatta Doug    01-11-07 15:45
I'll be in the vicinity but doubtful participant. If anyone *is* involved, I hope they'll read this and pass it on. Last year I recall some criticism for the mess left behin

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 45. Share a charter yacht for 1 night! constantin cori    01-08-07 08:05
Anybody interested to share a charter yacht for 1 night between 27 january and 3rd feb sailing to Culebra or somewhere else ? Me and my fiancee will be in San Juan from 23rd jan until 5th feb and we a

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 46. Culebra Regatta Michael    01-05-07 06:50
The Culebra Sailing Regatta will be held March 9th, 10th and 11th this year. So depending on your preference of crowd, avoid or come for these dates!

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 47. Re: Culebra Restaurants kay wallin    10-02-06 20:47
I know this is an old message but was curious about "sailing into Culebra" my husband and I are sailors, where did you rent the boat? Tortolla? San Juan? or do you own? Kay

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 48. Re: Sailboat charters kay wallin    10-02-06 20:14
Hey, I'm going to Culebra in December. What did you find out about the sailboats? My husband and I are certified captains and are sailing for a week in Tortolla prior to Culebra. We would prefer to sa

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 49. Re: Making Ferry Reservation-HELP! Jeff Schul    07-18-06 14:32
Even if you get through, the information may or may not be useful or correct. I don't think you can even make a reservation except for the car ferry where they are required. Unless you are travelling

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 50. camping with kids & El Yunque Kathy Poulos-Minott    07-11-06 20:08
Trip Report- camping with kids After spending several years at Brewer’s Bay campground in Tortola, we camped at Playa Flamenco for two weeks in February. I have to say that in comparis

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 51. Re: getting to culebra ginayac    05-08-06 16:46
Wow! Do you know what the weight restrictions are? Is it like parasailing where they cut you off if you are a certain weight? I think with parasailing you can not weigh more than 150.

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 52. Getting and Viewing Free Online Nautical Charts Steve Shivers    01-25-06 11:30
Greetings, In preparing for my first trip to island, I've downloaded the relevant NOAA navigation charts. Since I haven't seen any mention of the availability of these on the Culebra r

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 53. Re: maximum stay campground & other questions Admin    12-28-05 09:45
Kathy, I think your best bet for sailing lessons for your kids would be, as far as I know, http://www.islac

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 54. status of Wi-Fi in Culebra steve    10-14-05 13:53
I will be sailing from Venezuela to Culebra in November. Can anyone tell me if the Wi-Fi is still working in Culebra and what the coverage and bandwidth are. Thanks Steve on s/v Nonesuch

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 55. Re: Places to stay Doug    06-16-05 11:14
Sheila, I think the reason CB isn't popular is that it tries to attract a different type of visitor than Culebra appeals to. Culebra *IS* rustic and rural. There are plenty of places to g

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 56. boat for sale Kilian Mattitsch    04-09-05 09:57
Hi there, we were cruising the Carribean for two years but have to go back to citylife now. Our boat - a Cape Dory 27 - which we bought and outfitted for offshore cruising in 2003 is for

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 57. Re: PLACE TO STAY J.P.    03-21-05 12:18
You may also wish to look into Costa Bonita, a rather new resort-style hotel property on Culebra. It's sort of a cross between the small island fel of Culebra and the larger resorts of PR. It is all s

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 58. Culebra Restaurants Sailor Sam    01-24-05 22:10
I am sailing in next week. What are your favorites? A friend recommended Tina's and Barbara Rosa's, has anyone experienced these lately? Love to eat

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 59. Re: Sailing to Culebra Doug    01-20-05 15:38
All of the restaurants in Dewey are accessible from anchorages in Ensenada Honda. The Dinghy Dock and Mamacita's are on either side of the drawbridge, and both have tieups for dinghies. Most of the r

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 60. Re: Sailing to Culebra JoseGuzman    01-20-05 13:43
Theresa said the markers to la Pela are down.... If you look good, there are reefs boths sides, they can be seen even at high tide. Tough, at night is dangerous. Look for dark waters, a

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