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 31. Culebra Ocean View Lucille Gilchrest    04-13-08 18:46
Planning a couple of days in Culebra. Anyone stayed at the Culebra Ocean View Guest House? it sounds really nice...just wondering. thanks

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 32. Re: Culebrita luis grundler    11-12-07 04:27
hi tricia if you need more time i recomend take culebrita only we departure from Club Seaborn 9:30 am and return 3:30 we have a fast boat ,we drop off in culebrita and you spend your tim

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 33. Re: Culebrita luis grundler    11-11-07 18:57
hi , we have water taxi service to culebrita we have rates from $ 45.00 p.p only trasportation ......with lunch and cooler with sodas,water & ice $ 59.00 p.p we have the best day trip inc

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 34. Re: Alojamiento para 4 del 25-28 julio Michael    06-29-07 07:59 tiene disponibilidad! Disfrute Culebra!

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 35. Culebra in April! elizabeth koster    03-31-07 08:33
If you need a place to stay, check out this site: The room is 100, with ocean views, a kitchen and balcony. My boyfriend and I were planning on staying th

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 36. Restaurants in Culebra A    03-17-07 10:29
michael, i posted an updated list of restaurants a long time ago so that you could update your site but i see you haven't. here is the list again, incase you lost it. RESTAURANT

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 37. Getting around Culebra Christy Zavasnik    02-28-07 19:03
We were on a budget and decided not to rent a car while on Culebra. "Why would you ever need a car on an island that is ~7x4 miles?" we asked. We'd read about the "carros publicos" (van taxis) that ru

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 38. Thanks for providing this Forum! Christy Zavasnik    02-28-07 18:17
My husband and I just returned from a fantastic trip to Isla Culebra. We did all our planning using this very informative website. From our transportation (ferry to, and plane back) to our accommodati

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 39. Re: Snorkel tours? Christy Zavasnik    02-28-07 18:11
My husband and I just returned from Culebra. We did a ton of snorkeling right off the island beaches - best spot are Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario beaches accessed by foot path from the parking lot at

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 40. Re: 2 night stay Michael    01-25-07 16:50
loladom, you can book Hotel Kokomo, Culebra Ocean View and Culebra Island Villas online short term!

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 41. Re: Food on Culebra MJ    01-10-07 22:32
I've emailed you some spots, steen. One good thing about Culebra is it is small enough to smell the good food cooking. On the way to Flamenco or Zoni, roadside stands will be there, along with La Pist

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 42. Re: Dakity restaurant Gary Eichelberger    12-31-06 16:14
yeah Bahia Marina...anyone have something to tell me about this place? I am also looking at Ocean View. We are taking guest to Culebra fro first time. I want forst evening to be nice.

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 43. Re: Culebra Ocean View Michael    12-11-06 14:36
You did check their site - right? also there is a link to them from one of the maps. It's north of town and about

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 44. Culebra Ocean View MJC    12-11-06 09:02
I am thinking about staying at the Culebra Ocean View. However, it is not listed in my guidebook and I am not able to find much information on the place. Can anyone tell me where it is on the

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 45. Guest House for Sale Michael    12-01-06 14:21
I thought I let you know that there is a new listing: [%

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 46. information A    11-18-06 23:34
Heathers is correct - I saw the photo of Oasis and got confused. These are the restaurants in Culebra now, with the correct telephone numbers!: Bahia Marina (742 0535) Barbara Rosas

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 47. Re: Where to stay for less than 80$ Francisco    11-15-06 16:53
Thanks a lot for the information, sometimes I feel prices are a little bit high for the amenities that the guesthouses have. I am not looking for a resort here, of course, but for a small

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 48. Re: Where to stay for less than 80$ Jorge Flores    11-15-06 13:44
On this forum you can click on SHELTER and then the appropriate dollar sign ($, $$, $$$) to find something in your price range. If you paln on being in Culebra in December, generally the rates will be

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 49. Re: Need Help Planning Trip to Culebra Alahia    10-08-06 18:39
Michael; You can come just for the day if you like take i plane from San Juan at 8:00am and take the afternoon at 5:30 this is Air flamenco or the taxi to fajardo is like $60.00 and take

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 50. My experience in Culebra nidia Sepulveda    09-11-06 15:52
I stayed in culebra for 5 days and I loved it. Flamenco is the best beach I've ever seen. Club Seaborne is great, the food from Pandeli and Ocean View are priceless. The people are great and the

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 51. Re: Culebra Oceanview NELLY ROBINSON    07-27-06 13:41

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 52. Re: Culebra Oceanview luis grundler    07-21-06 21:11
hello , culebra ocean view is a family quest house in culebra ,,,,,culebra ocean view is not a hotel ( we dont have hotel services) we have good service.................... the turi

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 53. Re: Culebra Oceanview island vacation girl    07-20-06 20:44
thanks debbie i love culebra and am looking forward to coming down this september. where will i be stayin? gee i don't know. ha ha ! until then island vacation girl-deborah

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 54. Re: Culebra Oceanview Debbie    07-20-06 18:17
That's okay Deborah - I'm convinced Capt. Guzman is a sales agent for Villa Boheme. LOL! We all have our convictions, our likes and dislikes, and you are entitled to recommend whatever accommodatio

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 55. Re: Culebra Oceanview island vacation girl    07-20-06 17:53
thanks hillman i took the time to contact "captain jose guzman" directly. his answer to my letter was simply.... "BS". for those of you who do not care for my writing style. OH WELL THIS IS HOW I W

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 56. Re: Culebra Oceanview hillman    07-20-06 06:43
Deborah, Thankfuly "Capt" J. left Culebra years ago.

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 57. Re: Culebra Oceanview island vacation girl    07-19-06 23:47
my name is deborah hernandez anyone who wants to contact me on this matter please feel free to do so. i have been an active post responder at puerto ri

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 58. Re: Culebra Oceanview Michael    07-19-06 16:27
Jose, Island Vacation Girl is not, according to the owners of Casa Ensenada, affiliated with them. She is not doing them a favor, because I believe not only you get that impression .. [%s

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 59. Re: Culebra Oceanview JoseGuzman    07-19-06 13:15
I believe ISLAND VACATION GIRL is a sales agent for Casa Ensenada. She never identifies herself as a person, she is just trying to sell. Not to say that Casa Ensenada is not good, it is v

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 60. Re: Culebra Oceanview Kelly    07-19-06 10:45
We ate at the Oceanview while we were there in April. It was really affordable (4 people for under $50). We ate delicious Red Snapper (it comes as the whole fish with the head, but it tasted amazing)

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