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 31. Re: Ferry Reservations Jeannie G3    05-07-08 20:34
Hola! If you make a reservation you are guaranteed a space, most of the time without paying. Fajardo Port Authority doesn't operate that way. They like to see the immediate money exchange. Hence the s

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 32. Re: Planning a trip on a LOW budget. Jeannie G3    04-24-08 11:57
Hola Quas: As a former PR local, I definitely agree with all who have advised you NOT to hitch hike on the big island. Read the local papers,,, crime rate is very high.

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 33. Best SCUBA on the island! Cecilia Hennessy    11-07-07 11:13
I just got back from Culebra last week, and I have to let y'all know that the best scuba on Culebra is definitely with Taz at Aquatic Adventures. You can email him at I calle

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 34. Re: St. Louis Help Ty Watson    08-03-07 09:57
First off....Hey Dougie! Hope things are going well for you. Give me a call sometime...Doug and I used to work together and he helped me and the wife plan our honeymoon to Culebra last October and eve

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 35. Re: Aquatic Adventure Advisory Bonnie M. Anderson    10-19-06 11:07
Vince, A lot of us on the island have been trying to remember you... and no one does. For a small island, that is odd. When were you here? Where did you stay? Who did you hang out with? W

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 36. Culebra gets a mention ginayac    09-29-06 17:42
Hey everyone check out page 112 of the National Geographic Traveler (October 2006 issue) It quotes Taz (Aquatic Adventures) and artist Jorge Acevedo regarding the beautiful island of Culebra. I'm kind

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 37. Quick Trip Report Susan Morris    06-14-06 14:45
We just got back from our 2nd trip to Culebra and I thought I would post a couple of things. Hopefully they might help someone out for their trip planning. If you are looking to spend so

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 38. Re: Culebra August 2006 Cissy Davis    06-02-06 16:41
Hi Ashley, My fiance and I are planning to spend 2 days of our honeymoon ( Aug. 14-16) in Culebra. We are staying at the Culebra Beach Villas. They sound as if they are not for the fain

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 39. diving and trip report alexandre    05-25-06 22:56
Hello, my girlfriend and I spend 3 days in Culebra 2 weeks ago. It's important for us to write a report since this forum helped us to plan our trip. To get there, we flew with MN aviati

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 40. Re: Taz and Aquatic Adventures JOHN SAJE    03-06-06 09:44
I just got back from Culebra yesterday, and will formally tell you to do some "research" before you attempt on doing anything on this island. Don't take the local information as the gospel..... They

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 41. Re: diving Debbie    02-08-06 22:14
Generally, it is very slow during those months. You should call to make sure they will be on the island. Culebra Divers - 787-742-0803 Aquatic Adventures - 787-209-3494

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 42. Re: Trip report; stay at Tamarindo ron    07-12-05 16:42
John, My personal remarks were not intended to be crass. I am sorry for that. Thank you for your kind response. I love Culebra, Vieques and Puerto Rico. I am intending to live there someday.

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 43. Culebra Coloring Book    01-05-05 19:56
Happy New Year! We are ready to print, once again, the only entertainment/coloring book about Culebra for children visiting the island. As you probably know by now, with Yoyo’s Culebra Adventures t

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 44. Re: Boat Rental Maggy    04-04-04 19:03
Island Cruisers has 27' center console power boats, and we rent the boat with a captain to ensure that you enjoy as much of Culebra as possible. This private experience allows you to sno

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 45. Re: Culebrita/Luis Pena stepahnie    02-03-04 20:05
you could consider checking out "sailing adventures & lessons", the guy who runs this small chartering business is very flexible and reasonably priced. you would have most of the day to check out eit

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 46. Yoyo's Adventures in Culebra CasablancaCondo    05-25-03 15:32
NEW "YOYO'S ADVENTURES IN CULEBRA" MERCHANDISE Check out our new merchandise about Yoyo's Adventures in Culebra (The coloring book). From baby's bibs, to flying discs and T-shirts. Get

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 47. Culebra Coloring Book for Kids CasablancaCondo    05-20-03 22:19
Yoyo’s Culebra Adventures is the first coloring/entertainment e-book for kids about the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. With this e-book your child will learn about Culebra, from some of its histor

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