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 1. Moving to Culebra! Is anybody hiring? Michael Bergeron    08-27-17 11:00
Hey guys! I'll be moving to Culebra Sept. 3rd of this year. I'm wondering if anybody is hiring or can point me in the right direction. I studied Management Information Systems. I've been

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 2. Looking for boat work Jan-March chestercopperpot    09-24-15 22:20
Hello everyone, I plan to be in Culebra from Jan-March and am hoping to learn everything I can about sailing. If anyone out there needs any help or would like to trade sailing lessons for

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 3. Re: 3 months lodging needed Rosemary Rudloff    09-22-15 16:04
Ahoy Donna I have a charter sailing business in ptown,ma and my partner and I bought Suzanne's vessel Gabra and plan to sail charters out of Culebra this winter, Do you live on the

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 4. Re: Sailing West from St. Thomas Art Nacht    03-25-15 09:58
Michael, Let me know how to send you a PDF file of IYC itinerary for their customers voyaging to Culebra. I would be interested in getting your take on their Culebra destinations, anchora

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 5. Re: Sailing West from St. Thomas Art Nacht    03-25-15 09:42
I am chartering the boat from Island Yacht Charters (IYC) in Red Hook. They provide a packet of suggested itineraries including a plan to tour the Spanish Virgin Islands. IYC is OK with bareboat chart

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 6. Re: Sailing West from St. Thomas Michael    03-25-15 03:57
Art, welcome to the forum! There's a link to the chart under 'maps'. Also I personally use google earth a lot to navigate and see where it could be nice. You will be stunned by Culebra in

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 7. Sailing West from St. Thomas Art Nacht    03-21-15 23:05
I've enjoyed sailing in the USVI and BVIs on multiple trips - we rent a sailboat and liveaboard. Next trip for me is June 4 to June 14 and am thinking of heading West this time from the base in St. Th

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 8. Re: Getting from Vieques to Culebra - flight or ferry Michael    08-25-12 07:08
The weather can be a big factor - going to Fajardo might be easy sailing, but coming back might not be - it's impossible to know in advance. It will def take MUCH longer! Som

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 9. Re: Charter and Captain from Culebra Geronimo    08-09-12 14:33
I'm not sure if you have sailed in the USVI in the winter but the winds and seas can be up most of the time. So it's a little bit of work sailing around in high seas. Mooring in Ensanada Honda sound

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 10. Re: Culebra OR Vieques John Robandt    02-22-12 18:59
Hi Anna, Vieques has more nightlife than Culebra, but that's not saying much, as Culebra has virtually none. If your friends want nightlife, they are better off spending more time in San Juan.

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 11. First Visit on Boat BobandGeri    10-14-11 13:01
Glad we came across this forum! We've been sailing in the St John/BVI area for years and decided that on this upcoming trip we will spend a few days on Culebra. We plan to be there @ October 24th - 28

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 12. Re: Tour Culebra in jet ski beachbound    08-22-11 13:37
I believe this has been tried before. I think a year or so ago there was a company renting jet skis and also doing parasailing. Didn't last long, equipment issues from what I heard. Keep the faith.

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 13. Fishing confusion Frederick Simpson    02-11-11 00:51
I will be sailing out of PR and visiting Culebra and Vieques. I would like to do some fishing and am really confused. There seems to be a requirement for a recreational license but not really enforc

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 14. surfing Frederick Simpson    02-10-11 23:41
We will be sailing to Culebra later this month and am interested in doing some surfing along the north. I am not excited about traveling with surf boards in tow. We will be picking up a charter boat

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 15. Re: New Opportunities DebbieVZ    01-19-11 17:27
David, We are visiting Culebra in February and have been in touch with two day sailing catamarans on of which we have booked a trip. They are the only two I know of and both were $125 full day (up to

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 16. Re: Heineken International Regatta Alberto    03-11-10 10:00 hard feelings agains power boaters. I can't afford one now, but if I ever do, I'll get a powerboat. The one hour sailing ride to Culebrita is possibly the best therapy por some...but I wo

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 17. Re: Sailing to Culebra - Customs? David Mackintosh    03-11-10 04:17
sounds good we have friends in Christainsted. thanks again David

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 18. Re: Sailing to Culebra - Customs? Michael    03-11-10 03:44
There is fuel in Culebra, but you cannot bring a sailboat to it ;) Water is even tougher. For the way back, why don't you stop in St. Croix? Saves you the beat, your bow will

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 19. Re: Sailing to Culebra - Customs? David Mackintosh    03-10-10 06:26
Thanks for that Michael, our boat lives in St Thomas and we will fly into the USA then the USVI's and we have US Visa's We wont becoming to Culebra from the BVI's well that is not really part of the

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 20. Re: Sailing to Culebra - Customs? Michael    03-10-10 06:04
David, it is crucial that you clear out of St. Thomas (if you checked in, otherwise your departure papers from the BVIs will suffice) to be able to clear US Customs in Culebra. You do so at the airpor

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 21. Sailing to Culebra - Customs? David Mackintosh    03-07-10 15:24
We will be visting Culebra in a few weeks sailing down from St Thomas where we keep our boat - we are British citizens with a British flagged boat and we will fly into the USA and US VI via JFK and th

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 22. Re: Day sailing??/ is it available? jerry l    01-02-10 06:59
Scot, I do sailing/fishing trips aboard my bright green 34' Jeanneau Sunrise. The boat is outfitted for day sails or island trips with a small aft deck and outriggers for deep-sea fishing . I

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 23. Day sailing??/ is it available? scot marechaux    01-01-10 19:46
We will be on Culebra once again and would like to go sailing. we sailed with Ed Whiteway when he was there. Is there any day time sailing charters available? Can't wait to ge

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 24. Re: Honeymoon Stephen Sproull    12-01-09 12:58
Chris, My new bride and I just got back from 10 days in PR (7 of which were on Culebra). It was an incredible little place to spend our honeymoon. We stayed at Bahia Marina the whole ti

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 25. Re: Juanita Banana's: Restaurant from Hell ishtuva mela    07-30-09 21:10
I have zero credentials. I have not been sailing around the world. Nor have I been with a multinational company. As a matter of fact I am just a lowly visitor to

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 26. Re: Juanita Banana's: Restaurant from Hell Julio    07-30-09 14:40
I kind of understand why a person can express such a frustration when his/her experience doesn’t go as planned…but in this case was more than that!! Culebra…for those of us that loves Culebra D

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 27. Re: Summer work as a fishing guide in Culebra Doug    05-10-09 11:52
Step #1 is to pick up a copy of "Don't Stop the Carnival" by Herman Wouk. You will be amazed. Secondly, I'd say you have skills that could translate into at least a subsistence living

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 28. Tamarindo Estates and Culebra the right spot to stay scot marechaux    02-01-09 13:20
Hi Sun Lovers We are now back in upstate NY and the snow and cold. Just back from a week on Culebra. First time back in 9 years and glad to say Culebra is the same warm Loving pla

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 29. Sailboat Rental Tom Robinson    12-26-08 09:50
Hi all - Happy Holidays. Just wondering if anyone knows of a contact for a private, small sailboat rental in or around Culebra / Puerto Rico. I am coming in late Janurary, and would lov

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 30. Re: Traveling to Culebra- What's the best date? Jeannie G3    07-16-08 14:25
Hola! I did read good comments about East Island Excursions on Trip Advisor. Remember, when going on an excursion with these companies, the group might be big, there may be children on board and somet

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