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 1. trip report derek coats    06-19-18 11:22
Just returned from a week long stay on the island the second week of June. This was our third trip to the island and first since early 2016. We flew into the island via Vieques Air Link departing fr

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 2. Culebra after Irma and Maria minerva figueroa    03-15-18 01:02
I just came back from Culebra as always it was amazing! Yet Irma and Maria's destruction looms over the island.I went to Flamenco; though the official entrance is not open there is an entrance to

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 3. Re: Rental John W.    01-09-15 13:21
I think you are referring to Villa Flamenco Beach run by Max and Esmeralda. Here is link to website:

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 4. Wedding lodging Michelle Poole    09-14-14 21:18
Hi there, My fiance and I have been coming to Culebra since we started dating and would really like to get married on the island. I do have a large family and we'll have upwards of 50 gu

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 5. Culebra Beach Villas Arena    10-23-13 18:03
I will be staying at Culebra Beach Villa #5 for 7 nights this December. Does anyone know the condition of this villa? Also, do the villas come with blenders? How about a cooler for the beach? Ge

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 6. Internet connections Bill Morton    09-25-12 17:44
Hi Everyone, We plan on visiting Culebra for a week, but I must have access to the web--an internet connection. So far, the only WiFi spot I have found is at Culebra Villas at Flamenco Be

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 7. Re: hotel / house with docks Michael    09-16-12 07:44 has a shared dock. That means you can dock, unload, stay for a bit and then you need to go and anchor. There i

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 8. Water Taxi tyler boss    06-26-12 20:54
I need a water taxi to pick us up from Culebra Island Villas at sunrise and drop us off at Dakity until mid day sometime while we fish. It's a very short distance and it really is about a 10 minute t

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 9. First Time Trip Report - Long & For Beginners Nick & Michelle    04-30-12 19:49
We are gearing this first trip report for the benefit for anyone considering a first time visit to this beautiful island. It is limited to our experience and others may have different experiences to a

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 10. Stay away from Club Seabourne upflore1    03-18-12 01:14
We reserved the deluxe room, and instead were given the "family room" at check-in, with the need to switch to the Deluxe room on the last day of our stay. When I asked why my room had been double book

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 11. Re: Culebra OR Vieques Vicki moore    02-21-12 23:05
I have been to both islands several times. This past year we chose to stay on Culebra our entire two weeks. Crime is increasing on Vieques. There have been some shootings recently. None of these invol

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 12. Re: Culebra beach house/flamenco Hope Zivitski    01-15-12 15:24
We stayed at Flamenco Beach Villas in October...our first trip to Culebra. It was absolutely the most relaxing vacation ever! Because the island is so small, everything is pretty close. We rented a

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 13. camping danielle gilbert    12-19-11 03:24
My boyfriend and I are heading to Culebra in March and I had a few questions: 1:How is the camping? Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated 2.Would it be recommended to split

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 14. Re: PLace to stay new yrs eve Michael    11-23-11 02:33
Culebra Island Villas has one place left - do a search for your dates from

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 15. Re: Flights Geronimo    11-05-11 12:14
Vieques Air Link Buy one get one free PROMOTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS March 2011 Buy one airline ticket with Vieques Air Link and receive one (of the same value)

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 16. Want a Great Eco Tourism, Travel to Culebra joleng16    03-22-11 02:20
Travel to Culebra and discover a tropical paradise of sun, sand, surf and more. The pure natural beauty of the Culebra beach will capture your attention the moment you arrive. Eco tourism is quite pop

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 17. Jerry's Jeep James Barrios    02-05-11 06:07
My wife and I went to Culebra Island for one night and stayed at Flamenco beach in the Villas. We rented a jeep from Jerry's jeep what a mistake that was all of his vehicles are falling apart, the guy

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 18. My recent visit..... KansasShannon    08-23-10 15:32
Let me start by saying that Culebra & it's people have stolen my heart. I was there a week ago, & had nothing but good experiences, well the cargo ferry kinda stunk, but hey, we made it to the island,

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 19. Re: Culebra Island Villas 2-5 july bosie    06-22-10 16:12
It says on their website you can leave a message at this number: (646) 797-2836

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 20. Re: Culebra Island Villas 2-5 july viviana    06-22-10 14:56
Wrong number. It is a doctor's office. thanks anyway!

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 21. Re: Culebra Island Villas 2-5 july Doug    06-22-10 13:54
You can try 787 743 0333.

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 22. Culebra Island Villas 2-5 july viviana    06-22-10 12:11
Hi! I need somebody from Culebra Island Villas to contact me. I have reservations from July 2 to July 5, 2010 on villa Nube and Villa Cielo and can't do my damage deposit over the intern

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 23. Re: Culebra Island Villas Teresa    12-06-09 22:46
Hi, I know that the Ramey school group has stayed there before, but am not sure about Rex's classes. The teacher before Rex used to rent that site for the trip, I used to pick them up there for the t

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 24. Re: Culebra Island Villas David Goenaga    12-05-09 14:32
Can anyone confirm if this is the best option under these circumstances? Or if anyone knows if Rex Roettger stays at this place?

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 25. Re: Culebra Island Villas Culebra Island Villas    12-05-09 03:14
David, you most certainly could rent out all our villas. You would fit 16 people in comfort! For pricing, please use our online booking tool, since it depends on occupancy.

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 26. Culebra Island Villas David Goenaga    12-04-09 23:07
Hello all: Recently moved to St. Louis from Mayaguez for work. Returning back home for the first time since July with a much whiter skin tone:) I am traveling to Culebra with

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 27. Re: Hotels / Resorts on island Jeannie G3    08-27-09 14:18
Hola! I would suggest looking through the SHELTER part of this website. It will give you good descriptions and pictures of some of the lodgings in Culebra as well as their websites. I don't know what

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 28. Re: Hotels / Resorts on island Michelle Garcia    08-27-09 14:06
Hi, Culebra really doesn't have any "resorts" that I know of, and the only place "on" the beach are villas on Flamenco Beach - here's the web site

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 29. Culebra as honeymoon destination: Your thoughts. Matt Gonzales    07-30-09 10:14
My fiancee and I recently decided to visit Culebra for our honeymoon. We'd heard great things about the beach from some acquaintances, and after some research, found that it would be more convenient b

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 30. Re: First trip July 13th for a week. CindyT    06-29-09 18:29
Copied from the website under the "Shelter" link: "There are two places available: Culebra Beach Villas - a large property with many units and Villa Flamenco Beach, a small family owned p

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