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 1. Re: Fishing Pole Rental? Doug    09-17-16 12:36
Be aware that much of the Culebra shoreline is a Federal Fish and Wildlife Preserve where fishing is forbidden. Maps detailing these areas are available in local souvenir and dive shops.

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 2. our recent trip Tanya Worden    05-30-16 08:17
Well we just spent two and a half weeks on Culebra and we had a fabulous time!! I want to tell you about it so it may help those planning a visit. I know when we were planning we looked to the forum f

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 3. Re: Can I try diving in a day trip Kate B    12-30-14 11:55
Here's a link to the various options available for people with bad vision: My husband has horrible vision (ne

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 4. Re: Where can I find Dramamine? beachbound    05-12-14 09:49
We have gotten Dramamine at all 3 of the markets you mentioned, but typically have to ask for it as they tend to keep it at the counter with them since it is sold in small packets of 2 chewables. We

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 5. Re: gift shops Connell    03-01-14 13:43
Hi Michael. My name is Rebecca and since we lost KIM in 2012 I have taken over the Gift Shop formerly known as On Island. The store is now called ISLAND BOUTIQUE. I believe you hav

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 6. Re: Best Snorkeling for 7 year old richard    01-25-13 03:44
there's a dive shop right on the ferry plaza. I'd call ahead for sizing and availability.

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 7. Re: Where to rent scuba gear ? Vicki moore    10-10-12 22:39
Are you taking the ferry over? If so you might be able to rent gear on the big island and bring it with you. Perhaps Culebra Dive Shop on the ferry dock could do fills for you while you are there. If

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 8. Re: Snorkeling with Kids on Culebra? Tim Stecko    12-16-11 12:37
Geronimo is right, it does really depend on the wind. Makes all the difference in the world. A short trip to the leeward side of the island can give you much better snorkeling, for adults and childr

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 9. Re: 1st Culebra trip....HELP! James C. Williams    09-22-11 16:11
This is really great info! I posted a similar question a couple of weeks ago and got some great info. Wonderful forum here! I'm very excited about our first visit at the end of October! D

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 10. Re: snorkling Vicki moore    07-03-11 21:58
Just spent June 18-July 2 on Culebra. Did lots of diving and snorkeling. You can rent snorkeling equip at several places including right next to Dingy Dock, Culebra Dive Shop at ferry dock. $10/day. Y

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 11. Culebra in One Day - Diving vs Culebrita daphne    03-28-11 16:17
I'm going to be in Culebra for a day and a half this coming weekend. I really want to do some scuba diving - I've heard Cayo Raton is amazing - but I was also really hoping to make it out to Culebrita

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 12. Shore Diving tank rentals Darrin Dickerson    01-12-11 14:38
I will be in Culebra the first week of February and was considering bringing along my BC and Reg. Last time in CulebraI spent about 8 hours a day on the surface and thought it would be nice to get so

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 13. My recent visit..... KansasShannon    08-23-10 15:32
Let me start by saying that Culebra & it's people have stolen my heart. I was there a week ago, & had nothing but good experiences, well the cargo ferry kinda stunk, but hey, we made it to the island,

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 14. Re: See you next week...... Mark McSweeney    08-05-10 14:01
We were in Culebra last week. The rains didn't seem to hurt snorkling or driving. Several grocerie stores stay open until at least 7 pm. There are at least two dive shops, at least 1 offers classes, d

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 15. Re: Coming to Culebra Next Friday John W.    03-19-10 18:38
Cody, Personally, i would do 6:30 to 5:30 and get in a full day. Then you get back to your hotel and can rest. Snorkeling at Flamenco is often up in the air especially if wind is coming

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 16. Re: Best place to rent snorkeling equipment? SunnyBabe    07-22-09 06:59
Buy a set at the Dive shop at the docks in Culebra they carry quality stuff and will help you get the right mask, that's really important if your gonna snorkel for more than an

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 17. Re: Ferry from Culebra to Vieques Geronimo    07-20-09 10:23
You can get the flights in the morning and then as late in the day you can for the return. The flight is usually on demand time too. Try calling Willy or the dive shop to see what time thay can wate

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 18. Child Care during Dive Trip virginianurse    06-07-09 02:01
Hello, I will be in culebra this coming saturday for 2nights and my husband and I are planning to dive there. Our plan was to take our son with us but dive shop told us that AM diving

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 19. Culebra Scuba Diving Trip Report with Photos alashas    06-04-09 20:53
We had a great time scuba diving with Capt. Walter Rieder of when we visited Culebra in Jan. I have previously posted comments in general about

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 20. Trip Report David Whitten    03-03-09 17:15
We visited Culebra 2/15 thru 2/20. We stayed at Trade Winds which we rented from Jim at Culebra Island Realty. The house sits above Zoni and is an easy walk down to and back from the beach. Jim was gr

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 21. Re: Lodging and diving in March? Debbie    02-20-09 21:23
Regarding diving: Reservations recommended during high season (including March). Both operators include equipment, and both use high-end Scubapro gear. I would bring my own mask.

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 22. Lodging and diving in March? DavidC    02-20-09 17:19
Hi all: Based on the recommendation of a friend who visited the island last month, I am contemplating a trip to Culebra. I would probably spend around six nights on the island after a cou

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 23. Culebra Divers is the Best! alashas    01-12-09 13:54
We just returned from Culebra and our group of 6 unanimously declared that Capt. Walter Rieder and his staff at Culebra Divers was the best div

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 24. Re: Culebra in February Debbie    11-24-08 20:31
Green Beach is not on Culebra. You can take the 4:30 am ferry over and be able to dive (you will be hanging out for about 3 hours waiting for the dive shop to open), but the 9am ferry arr

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 25. Re: first time diver Debbie    08-28-08 10:32
wiriver, Yes, that is normal. Culebra Divers typically goes to Punta Soldado, and conducts the lesson in shallow water where you could stand up -- prior to actually descending and doing

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 26. Trip Report July 19-26,2008 Vicki moore    08-17-08 16:01
DH and I flew AA from Memphis to DFW and then on to SJU. No problems with the flight and it was right on time. We arrived at 3:10. I grabbed our carryons and rushed to catch a publico to IG to catch A

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 27. Re: Noise in section E, crowds, Culebrita trip chuck    07-03-08 09:20
Debbie, thank you. Is the drop-off in crowds in August so great that it's not very crowded even on the weekends? (Hard to quantify, I know.) Regarding Mona, thanks for the heads-up. I

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 28. Fantastic Trip!! Will & Kelly    04-06-08 22:35
Got back last week from a fabulus trip to Culebra & wanted to share the highlights! Casa Pueblo & Culebra Island Realty - great place, perfect location for us! Jim helped us figure it all out

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 29. Re: Renting snorkel gear Debbie    05-07-07 18:25
Yes. 1) Good old fashioned spit. If you're a smoker, there is supposedly something in nicotine spit that makes the mask stay clearer longer. I have seen non-smokers buy a pack of cigar

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 30. Re: Renting snorkel gear Debbie    04-27-07 21:12
The shop at the ferry dock is Culebra Divers.

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