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 31. Re: Looking for a place to rent for large group of people Vicki moore    09-28-09 23:46
You might want to check out Casa Del Sol. Just do a google search. It is a large home at a great price and the views are to die for. There are 4 bedrooms and I know that one of them has 3 or 4 beds in

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 32. Re: Airline to Culebra Jill P.    05-24-09 09:20
I don't know what people on this forum have against MN Aviation but when we go to/from Culebra we do so on their plane since they were recommended by the owner of Casa del Sol. MN maybe the most expe

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 33. Re: Casita La Perlita Jill P.    05-06-09 16:31
We stayed at Casa del Sol that is on the southeast end of the island above Club Seabourn and "around the corner" from Soldado. The house sleeps 11 but the owner adjusts the price for 2-4 people. W

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 34. House swap/ intercambio de casa alf    03-08-09 10:10
Busco cambiar mi casa En Fort Lauderdale por una casa en Culebra Puerto Rico por corto tiempo. Desde una semana hasta un mes durante el verano del 2009. Sin gastos.

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 35. Re: propiedad en culebra alf    03-08-09 10:05
Busco cambiar mi casa En Fort Lauderdale por una casa en Culebra Puerto Rico por corto tiempo. Desde una semana hasta un mes durante el verano del 2009. Sin gastos.

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 36. Re: Ocean View Quiet Villas Jill    02-27-09 17:32
Try, that's where we found Casa del Sol. Also try, and

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 37. Re: Is it in Culebra ? Jill    02-06-09 15:03
We stayed at Casa del Sol last Spring and were very happy with location and full amenities plus beach equipment (snorkels, fins, boggie boards) that we did not have to rent. We found the house lis

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 38. Re: rental property for 11 people? Vicki moore    01-05-09 00:07
Check out Casa Del Sol. The views are spectacular and it is a large property with 4 bedrooms, one of which can sleep 5, 4 decks overlooking Ensanada Honda, back porch overlooking the Caribbean as well

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 39. Re: Club Seabourne for honeymoon? Vicki moore    10-03-08 00:29
We stayed uphill from Club Seabourne and could see it from our rental, Casa Del Sol. There was very loud music some nights. My daughter jogged into town from where we stayed. The view from CS should b

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 40. Trip Report July 19-26,2008 Vicki moore    08-17-08 16:01
DH and I flew AA from Memphis to DFW and then on to SJU. No problems with the flight and it was right on time. We arrived at 3:10. I grabbed our carryons and rushed to catch a publico to IG to catch A

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 41. Re: any reviews of Doll House stay? Vicki moore    05-25-08 08:16
Hi Robert and Donna. I also plan my vacations about a year in advance. We leave on July 19 for Culebra followed by another week on Vieques. I had considered staying at the Doll House, as well. I read

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 42. Re: Nice Place to Stay Brian    04-08-08 18:28
Casa Del Sol is a great place to stay. It is on top of the hill next to Club Seabourne. It is across the road from Bahia Marina. It has views of Ensenada Honda and over the top of the eastern part of

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 43. Re: place to stay recommendations? Vicki moore    03-23-08 00:09
"We are staying at Casa Del Sol, which is on 6 acres on the top of a hill with a dirt road going up to it. It is east of Dewey.

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 44. just back....highlights Ellyn    03-02-08 15:09
We are jsut back from a week on the Island- our third visit. We rented a house from vacation planners. They were very helpful and friendly- A special thanks to Rachel who was of great as

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 45. VW Thing Vicki moore    02-09-08 23:02
Has anyone rented a VW Thing from Dick and Cathie? What was your experience? Is it a 4WD. We are staying at Casa del Sol and have been told if it has been raining, we will need a 4WD to get up there.

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 46. Re: Rental Vehicles Vicki moore    01-16-08 00:31
Thanks Tricia. I considered renting Casa Jardin, but we decided to get into a more secluded area and have chosen Casa del Sol.  We were a little concerned about Casa Jardin, as I read somewhere that

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 47. Rental Vehicles Vicki moore    01-12-08 02:34
We are considering taking the ferry over when we come in July. It will be a Saturday. Our flight does not get in until 3:10, therefore, we would have to catch the 7P ferry. We are staying at Casa del

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 48. Trip Report bosie    11-08-07 16:16
It's taken me awhile to report on my first visit to Culebra which occured Sept. 21-28. My vacation didn't start out so good...the day before I could feel a sinus/cold coming on...figured a vacation w

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 49. Re: Casa del Sol Vicki moore    10-01-07 00:55
Thanks John. I think I made the right decision.

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 50. Re: Casa del Sol John West    09-28-07 21:23
Vicki, It has been a few years since I stayed there but not much has changed I am sure. You cannot beat the views, access to town and solitude. Also, the outdoor showers are great and

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 51. Re: Casa del Sol Vicki moore    09-26-07 23:46
Thanks John. I am putting my deposit in the mail for Casa del Sol this week!!

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 52. Re: Casa del Sol Michael    09-26-07 10:40
That's what I call a fast response - thanks John!

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 53. Re: Casa del Sol John West    09-26-07 00:33
Vicki, I have stayed there twice. Both times with my wife, two teenage boys and a 3 year old daughter. The house sits above Club Seabourne and only a mile or so from town.

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 54. Casa del Sol Vicki moore    09-25-07 22:43
Has anyone ever stayed here? Am strongly considering it for my week on Culebra next summer. Bahia Marina's quote to me went up $40 a night to $179, so they are out. Plus, I will enjoy the extra room w

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 55. Hospedaje para el 20-22 de Julio Neysha Joary Rios Cruz    07-01-07 15:18
busco hospedaje para 6 adultos y 2 ninos (6 y 3 anos) para el fin de semana del 20-22 de julio. puden ser habitaciones diferentes en un mismo lugar o preferiblemente una casa. no pido ningun requerimi

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 56. My 3 Night Stay In Culebra Jorge Flores    01-23-07 11:46
I just returned this past Saturday to New York after my 9 day stay in Puerto Rico 4 of which were spent in Culebra. I stayed at Casa Ensenada which is run by Butch and Jackie Pendergast two of the nic

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 57. 3 Day Culebra Trip Review island vacation girl    10-09-06 09:40
hi all we got back to CHICAGO 10/03 after spending 20days in PUERTO RICO,3 of which were spent on CULEBRA. here are my thoughts : having taken many days trips to CULEBRA actually spending sever

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 58. Casa Robinson Hector M Ramos    06-25-06 17:19
We spent three days at Casa Robinson and I would highly recommend this property to any one. The house is immaculate, the rooms are clean and the location is superb! You will have a full view of the b

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 59. view sunset Blair    03-14-06 13:26
I am new to the forum and am enjoying reading all about Culebra. My husband and I are counting the days to March 25th! I read an email about seeing the sunrise/sunset from casa del sol, but is there

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 60. Just back from Culebra! Jen    03-07-06 14:12
[WARNING: Long post ahead!] We just returned to NYC after 4 wonderful days on Culebra. After a couple days in San Juan, we flew Air Flamenco from Isla Grande ($50/person), great views fro

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