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 1. Re: Christmas Evening Restaurant? Michael    12-09-15 01:19
Shipwreck was the place at Bahia Marina - you are correct! I would call the restaurants and find out - easier abd more reliable than hearsay from others. Post your findings!

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 2. Re: Christmas Evening Restaurant? Doug    12-08-15 15:23
Check with the manager where you are staying or with the car rental folks. Usually one of the two larger places opens. Not sure if I know of Shipwreck, unless it is the place at Bahia Ma

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 3. Re: Windsurfing Michael    04-23-15 03:52
not anymore - you will have to bring your own! (you can ask Lisa a Bahia Marina if she will rent to you)

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 4. Re: What's up with Bahia Marina Michael    03-06-15 02:37
Drew, Gio is now at Club Seabourne. He calls it the Gastro Bar! For more info you can contact him:

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 5. Re: What's up with Bahia Marina Drew    03-04-15 15:46
ps - the people who ran the bar were Gio and Laurel, I did a post on them last year that I forgot about: http://www.islaculebra

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 6. What's up with Bahia Marina Drew    03-04-15 12:24
Hey all, last year when we came Bahia Marina was a shell of its former self. The pool was run down and the restaurants had stopped serving. The only saving grace was that a cool, talented chef from

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 7. Re: Wedding lodging Vicki moore    09-15-14 00:22
Check out Casa del Sol. It sleeps 11, if I am not mistaken, in 4 bedrooms. Club Seabourne is next door and Bahia Marina is just down the road.

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 8. Need Update On Restaurant Hours Nick & Michelle    03-24-13 15:33
Hi, We are very excited and are on our final countdown arrangements. We typically make our restaurant planning and selected reservations for before going down. However, we need a few updates on

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 9. Re: currently open restaurants Marcos Ferreira    11-06-12 11:10
Hello, as far as I'm aware these are the places open: El Eden - Thu - Sat Chinese Restaurant Zaco's Tacos Bahia Marina Hotel Restaurants Club Seabrease restaurant

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 10. Re: ESPN in Culebra John W.    07-14-12 10:19
Mamacita's has a big screen but I hear they are closing on July 31st. Perhaps new management will reopen. Otherwise, Bahia Marina also has a big screen at the upper bar. Hav

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 11. Re: A week in Culebra, what to do? S.V.I bound    05-11-12 12:55
Maybe you want to drop by Bahia Marina. Their pool has a swim up bar and grill. A nice change of pace for lunch. Then head back to Flamenco Beach! Speaking of FB, the food kiosks are nice but last ti

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 12. Re: Spa/Massage Debbie    05-09-12 08:24
Susan Russ - (407) 301-5115 She is out at Bahia Marina some days.

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 13. Re: Bahia Marina Frank    04-28-12 07:27
As usual, Doug and Debbie have shown their island knowledge to far surpass mine. Either that, or I'm just lazy. Upon further consideration, these are not mutually exclusive possibilities. I recline

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 14. Re: Bahia Marina Debbie    04-27-12 17:59
Really, what has Frank been smoking? Oh, right, noodles. Agree with Doug - I know some residents in the area that walk farther than from Bahia Marina to go to Soldado, and it's a beautiful snorkelin

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 15. Re: Bahia Marina Doug    04-27-12 15:32
If you are fit enough to tackle the hill, you are approximately a 20-30 minute walk from Punta Soldado. This is a lovely Virgin Island 'shell' beach with decent snorkling. Very little shade, so I li

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 16. Re: Bahia Marina Frank    04-27-12 14:26
There are no beaches within walking distance of Bahia Marina. It sits up on a hill outside of town. Flamenco would be a 10 minute drive or so ... if you hit all the lights. ;-) Zoni more like a 20

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 17. Re: Cotto vs Mayweather Frank    04-27-12 14:25
Tough one. There is a chance that El Batey will have it ... I watched a fight out at Costa Bonita a few years back but that place is a ghost town now. Or call Bahia Marina and ask them i

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 18. Bahia Marina John E Cruz    04-27-12 12:25
I have reservations for 3 days / 2 night for Bahia Marina ( I was wonder

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 19. Re: Culebra OR Vieques Vicki moore    02-21-12 23:05
I have been to both islands several times. This past year we chose to stay on Culebra our entire two weeks. Crime is increasing on Vieques. There have been some shootings recently. None of these invol

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 20. Water taxis Zak    02-14-12 16:18
We're going to be staying 5 nights in Culebra in April. We're very excited about going to Culebrita and Luis Pena (on separate days.) I've seen prices for taxis quoted at $35 for Luis Pena and $45 for

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 21. Re: Jeep vs golf cart rental? Donna Pickard    01-18-12 10:50
You might want to check out the HILL up to Bahia Marina before considering bikes.....

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 22. Jeep vs golf cart rental? Michelle West    01-17-12 21:35
Seeking advice on whether to rent a jeep or golf cart? Or bikes? We will be staying 4 days at the Bahia Marina and plan to spend most of our time at the beaches. Any recommendations on rental companie

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 23. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Nelly    09-30-11 15:39
Good afternoon, I've been going to Puerto Rico for about 12 years now and I can't say how much I enjoy it each and everytime, however, this past July we decided to visit Culebra for the very first tim

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 24. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Robert Zeigler    09-07-11 12:49
Whenever we can, my lady and I always go for the 2BR ..... the extra room is a "Play Room", which means we can make all the messes we want (which we usually do) and still have a sleep room that's comf

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 25. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Lynn M    09-01-11 01:50
Thanks for all the great advice! I am just back from a working trip and need a vacation! We are still deciding what to do in January. I have a month off. I'm high energy. I need a vacation but I'

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 26. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Barbara Bergersen    09-01-11 01:25
Hi Lynn. You will love Culebra! It is beautiful and so much fun to visit. We stayed at Bahia Marina in a 2 BR unit in March 2011. I agree with your concern about steep stairs in the 2 BR units. There

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 27. Re: using this forum Barbara Bergersen    08-30-11 14:40
Hi. The topic was "Bahia Marina 1 BR or 2 BR" posted by Lynn, and I sent it 8/29 I think. I entered a response once without the anti-spam entry, and it didn't appear in the forum. Then I rewrote it,

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 28. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Lynn M    08-28-11 14:54
Hi Debbie, Thank you for the info! I think the more mature vegetation and the way the original buildings just seem a part of it is what really appeals to me. I have a troublesome knee s

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 29. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Debbie    08-28-11 13:05
PS - we have the same IP address. Where are you located in Georgia? We are in Chamblee.

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 30. Re: Bahia Marina 1BR vs. 2BR Debbie    08-28-11 13:04
I'm not sure what you mean by the 2BR have been "thrown up in not as pretty of an area". They are on the same property; just down the hill a bit. Maybe the landscape doesn't look as pretty to you, a

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