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Casa Robinson
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Hector M Ramos (
Date:   06-25-06 17:19

We spent three days at Casa Robinson and I would highly recommend this property to any one. The house is immaculate, the rooms are clean and the location is superb! You will have a full view of the bay (Ensenada Honda) and absolutely everything in within a one to five minute drive. Also, even though the rooms have air conditioners, it is unlikely you would need them. The trade winds blow constantly on this location.

Mr. Robinson even waited for us to arrive on our first day at the island and made sure we had everything we needed or asked for. Also, Carlos Jeep gave us a 10% discount for staying at Casa Robinson.

What you will really appreciate about Casa Robinson is that Mr. Robinson does a superb job keeping loud or even obnoxious guests away from his location. I did notice how a guest appeared at the location with a group of seven for a stay in one of the small studios. To my delight and relief Mr. Robinson did not allow them to stay at his property. Anybody experienced in vacationing in Puerto Rico can tell you what a nightmare it can be when large parties stay in “the room next to you”. There is little chance of this happening at Casa Robinson.

We will return to Culebra in the winter. This time, however, we will spend our entire vacation in Culebra and Casa Robinson!

Culebra Island is a treasure!

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