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Re: Heather's Pizza
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: Frank (
Date:   05-31-06 14:26

True Story.

The first time I visited Culebra in 1998, we were at Flamenco and around lunch time I volunteered to run to El Patio to get some delicious Cubanos sandwiches for the gang. Pulled my Jeep into the parking lot, jumped out and ran in. Here's the conversation:

Me: "I'd like five Cubanos please."
Guy Behind The Counter: "Sorry, the kitchen closes at 1:00."
Me: "Darn. By the way, what time is it? I don't have a watch."
Guy Behind The Counter: "12:30."
Me: "Oh. No problem."

The fact that I wasn't bothered in the least, and that the conversation actually made me smile ... led me to realize that I was going to love Culebra.


p.s. - Legal Disclaimer: This incident is not intended to insult anybody else's perceptions how how service should be rendered. It is one person's interpretation of a single event and how it affected them and them only. Any slight, perceived or real, is hereby apologized for in advance. <vbg>

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