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diving and trip report
Culebra, Puerto Rico
Author: alexandre (
Date:   05-25-06 22:56

my girlfriend and I spend 3 days in Culebra 2 weeks ago. It's important for us to write a report since this forum helped us to plan our trip.
To get there, we flew with MN aviation. To get to the island, we had a good service , but on the way back, they forgot us at the airport, so we had to call them, and we finally jump on one of their airplane who wasnt suppose to go to Isla Grande with 2h30 late. So, at your risk....
We had a wonderful diving with Taz from Aquatic Adventures, he's a really nice guy that own his diveshop on his boat. We saw lots of good stuff and felt safe with him. He took care of everything and we had a good lunch on the boat. What a wondeful day... We first ask culebradivers, but they said they wont have time to dive because they had other stuff to do???????? Isn't suppose to be a dive center??? And the guy at their shop was a very weird man, so I Highly recommend Taz as your dive guide on this island, since he's a really good guy and he is cheaper then the others. He has a really small website :
We didnt rent a car since we only need to travel to Flamenco and to the hotel. But the girl at Carlo's Jeep helped us at the airport, very nice lady.
Flamenco beach is great and Carlos Rosario worth the 20-25 minutes walk for snorkelling.
By the way, Heather's Pizza is not that good and it took us more than an hour to get our pizza.
If your have any questions, dont hesitate
Alex nad Kathy

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